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‘Crossing the Street’
6/21/20, A Doctor Dread Tale
Doc was walking with a lady in Fells Point, in East Baltimore, along Broadway, the very place were Boomy, the heroic Nigerian cabbie, saved “the blonde woman of the yuppies” from a pack of rampaging Bantus in April 2015.
He noticed that down the street, some Bantu warriors were walking his way. So he told his girl they were crossing the street while it would still be less then obvious that this was an evasion.
She did not understand, being a dumb bitch, and questioned him and he led her across the street to relative safety, on the far bank of the asphalt river.
Once on the other side, Doc noticed that he had abandoned an elderly couple to the tender mercies of that squad of heroic Reparations Recovery Agents. He declared his intention to re-cross and run interference and his woman followed in jittery compliance, now perceiving the predation she had been ignorant of as they returned into harm’s hungry way.
As it usually turns out, boldness pays off when dealing with the soft-of-heart class of knightly plunderers, and the raid was left incomplete.
On hearing the relation of this tale, I declared to Doc that not only would I have not re-crossed the street to save the elderly, that my reason for crossing in the first place would have been partially the realization that my enemies would be drawn into preying upon the weaker ghosts.
He laughed and replied that I was smarter than he was.
I countered that he was better than I was.
The land lady, who had hosted this man for dinner and found him endlessly more interesting than her savage border, was horrified, that I, the creature cruel Fate had put under her roof for the season, would, and had watched numerous attacks by my ravening enemies upon innocent humans of my own ethnicity. She then began to press him with questions as to his world view and seek some understanding from him as to my obvious psychopathy.
He rocked back and forth on his shattered legs and crutches, doing leg lifts and enjoying the reconsideration of combats past and predation averted and suppressed and searched his mind for another recent tale out of Bantuistan…
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