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No Place for Men
Electric Dan and Bob Prompt the Crackpot on the New Sissy Paradigm
© 2020 James LaFond
2:42 PM (2 hours ago)
Germany disbands their special forces unit after asking members personal opinions on subjects like immigration and if they answered negative in any way they were kicked out and labeled right wing extremists.
Maybe they could replace them with a bunch of handicapped and retarded people and field some very special forces?
-Electric Dan

1:42 PM (3 hours ago)
to me, Lynn
The Z-man is really fired up about this Jim Snow situation where you can't defend yourself.

In early Plantation America, Indians were the slave catchers and enforcers, the money men having armed men of the native race to police men of their own captive race. Eventually, when the Indians woke up to the fact that these slaves they were policing for their allies were being used to destroy their economy and displace their population from their homeland, they rose up—then got put down.
This process has simply been rebooted since 1965 in America. And in Germany I would expect to see an elite force of Turkish mercenaries or "Native" Turkish soldiery or police come online in the next few years. Not that I know anything about what is going on in Germany, other than my Hungarian lady friend telling me that "German" tourists in Hungary habitually speak Turkish, and not German. But population replacement and native disarmament are the stations of the prosperity gospel cross which must be dutifully attended if the worship of currency and the numerical expansion of the debt slaves and consumers that circulate the life blood of The God of Things are to remain in pious ascent.
I watched the video of this kid being chased down in the street.
I loved the mangled arm and the chest-shot crook.
He was about to be stomped, obviously, probably killed like the idiot with the sword a month ago.
It is amazing how confident criminals are that ivories with guns will not use them.
Criminals instinctively scent cowardice and they smelled it on this kid, who was running his ass off and did not fire until he fell, could not wait to surrender to the cops, and also declined to gun down the leader of the pack who was trying to kill him when that worthy put up his hands. This kid was unfit for combat, is unlikely to have been protecting his own property, or to have been deputized, and was somehow drawn or flushed out into this insanity in order to create another "W@#$% Supremacist" for the media. the cops called him "a militia type" already starting the lynch mob.
This was a text book example of baiting morally concerned citizens into serving as cartoon villains which I have been warning about since 2015. Until the right wing cucks and fantasists who are observing and commenting on this situation stop discussing legalities, whether or not the kid can be saved by a legal fund, whether the government will come to its senses, and accept that the Feds are doing this with proxy actors to build the case for disarmament of law abiding civilians, until that happens there is no hope.
But people simply must see such news as "football" and take a side and cheer, and jeer and hope "they" win.
Any ivory man who don's military style clothes and/or practices open carry to try and enforce laws or protect strangers, needs to be abandoned and hung out to dry. Rallying around some misguided or mentally disturbed person who got himself into a bad situation and then shot his way out of it, is what the Deep State wants. The Feds are letting these rioters transport from city to city in order to develop a roster of ivory retard dossiers that can be pointed at as proof of "evil with a gun," and most people will buy it. By taking sides the fire is being stoked, the fire that will be fanned in only one direction, towards the traditionalist and away from the cultists.
Just enough law officers and feds will seem to care about right and wrong to keep hope alive so that the fire can be stoked from right and left and blind the center...and then that fire will be fanned towards the ultimate targets of this extensive psychological operation against Murican Meat-Puppetry.
Either he was walking around as a lone paramilitary and hence got swarmed, or he had been driven from his property or place of residence into the street and did not fire until he was downed.
How much property could this kid own?
Both sides, Left and Right will lie by omission over this uplifting happening. For shitty people were killed, and the death of shitty people is all to the good.
No matter what the legal outcome of this shooting under Jim Snow as the Z-man so rightly observes as the new race-hate paradigm, the image of the military-style weapon which is so worshipped by American cucks and utopian fantasists, slung from this kid's chest and used to violate the sacred Chuck Norris Rule will be spun by the media to left and center to bring the majority of Murican meat-puppets to the conclusion that the ownership or carrying of such a weapon is bad and that the government should do something about it. I know many people back east who vote who hate the riots, but will now be behind gun control just based on these optics. That may not be realistic, but Americans do not live in reality. Almost no one, Left, Center or Right can even perceive reality. All that maters is optics and spin.
Any paleface stupid enough to parade with a military-style firearm or otherwise employ open carry behavior during times of unrest, will simply strengthen public support for ivory disarmament. This was the main aspect of the 2017 Virginia Goat Fuck that disturbed normal Americans, protestors in military garb, with forward slung military-style rifles. And these guys shot no one.
Can the kid be defended is the wrong question.
Should he be defended?
The only excuse for having that weapon was to defend his home or loved ones.
Where was his home and loved ones?
He was not dragging his house along with him and was not protecting the rear guard of his fleeing family.
So he was either fucking stupid and decided to join the street theater, or he abandoned his home or family and ran away with his gun.
Assholes parading with guns, protecting businesses that will not protect themselves [because the insurance companies to not want that liability and if you protect your business and get sued the insurer might cite you for breach of contract and decline coverage even for the property damage caused by the vandal you injured] or protecting cops that are not allowed to protect themselves, all serve the function of discrediting gun ownership for the purpose of self-protection.
Of Americans who believe in gun ownership:
Almost none believe that gun ownership is justified by suspicion of government tyranny, which is the implicit reasoning behind the 2nd Amendment. The battle has already been lost in the American mind, right there.
Most Americans believe that only hunting is a reasonable cause for gun ownership.
Of Americans who believe that owning guns for self defense, a retarded number believe that this extends to the right too kill to protect your property, despite the fact that use of lethal force to protect property is rarely a viable defense in the states and municipalities inhabited by most Americans.
2nd Amendment beliefs are largely utopian and will do as much to get guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens as any other factor.
By definition, throughout human history, there have been three classes of people:
-Law abiding citizens who are unarmed, their unarmed—usually after their ancestors were forcibly disarmed—status thus subjecting them to the law
-Criminals who are armed in defiance of the law and are willing to risk the consequences of doing so
-Elites and their proxy forces, who are armed and/or above the law.
Across the vast span of history, in very few societies has being a law-abiding member of the productive class coincided with a right to bear arms as a civilian. Even in democratic Athens hoplites were not allowed to go armed when not under military orders and were policed by Scythian archers. Neither the democratic Athenian or republican Roman which American political framers and revisionists base their version of civics upon, was permitted to defend himself from criminal attack with military grade weapons, in his own home. He was merely permitted to beat his slaves with fist and stick. Only the parasitic classes typically bear arms. We are being returned to that paradigm. Recall that in 1640 to 1676 Virginia it was against the law for virtually all Christian men to bear arms, though their Indian police were permitted to bear arms and that the Governor once chastised an Englishman for permitting his dog to bark at an Indian!
Insisting on open carry in an atmosphere in which police are most often not authorized to use their firearms—even to protect themselves!—is playing right into the hands of the soul-eating System.
In terms of self-defense and moral autonomy, you need your gun for two things:
-Protecting your family
-Taking your own life and perhaps bringing along some company.
Under our current System, which is largely declining to even get involved in the street fighting, indicating that the Left are acting on behalf of the System and that the idiots on the Right who think they are acting on behalf of the System are its actual targets, it is the height of idiocy to nominate yourself as a local law officer!
This is like the grisly bear or mountain lion attacking the hunter's dogs under the pretense that he is protecting the hunter from his own dogs!
How fucking stupid can ghost men be?
Yes, that stupid.
Most of us were brought here as slaves or cheap replacement labor after all.
Bing duped is largely our American our legacy.
But does it have to be our destiny?
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OrangeFrog     Aug 28, 2020

Mr LaFond, I did not know how else to ask you, and forgive me if you spoken at length about this elsewhere, so I thought I'd ask the question here.

What are your thoughts on William E. Fairbairn's book 'All-in fighting'? If a person has minimal time on their hands, but wanted to know a set of techniques that could be drilled to be effective in a dire situation, would the techniques in this book be useful. I have been 'instructing' someone in the art of 'being aware at all times' - but she wanted to know what action to take if SHTF?

Apologies if the question sounds naive!
James     Aug 28, 2020

Will answer as an article.
Denise Heupel     Aug 31, 2020

The fact that Trump hasn't stopped any of this rioting makes me believe this is state sanctioned for exactly the reasons you stated. The Feds have no trouble taking control over state government, when they choose to. I get the same feeling about these latest riots that I did during Standing Rock rioting, where it was also telling that the Republicans weren't talking about it and the MSM wasn't covering the story at all, so, obviously, something was up. I see the same tactics of Leftist propaganda completely lying about what was going on when it was obvious to anyone with common sense to see that they were spinning the story. They doxxed and threatened cops and their families. They bullied locals and stole and killed livestock and vandalized equipment. So many similarities that I suspect that Standing Rock rioting in 2016 was the training ground for what we're seeing now. I'm expecting Marshall law being enforced this fall sometime.
James     Aug 31, 2020

Will address in a post later.

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