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Denise commented on No Place for Men Aug-31-2020 1:55 AM UTC
The fact that Trump hasn't stopped any of this rioting makes me believe this is state sanctioned for exactly the reasons you stated. The Feds have no trouble taking control over state government, when they choose to. I get the same feeling about these latest riots that I did during Standing Rock rioting, where it was also telling that the Republicans weren't talking about it and the MSM wasn't covering the story at all, so, obviously, something was up. I see the same tactics of Leftist propaganda completely lying about what was going on when it was obvious to anyone with common sense to see that they were spinning the story. They doxxed and threatened cops and their families. They bullied locals and stole and killed livestock and vandalized equipment. So many similarities that I suspect that Standing Rock rioting in 2016 was the training ground for what we're seeing now. I'm expecting Marshall law being enforced this fall sometime.

I would bet everything on Creep State agencies putting the unrest ball in play, facilitating interstate NGO force projection, undermining local law enforcement and other wise pulling on various retarded puppet strings. This may be as simple as a system test. If the Creep State, knows, for insurance, that massive food shortages and natural disasters are imminent within a decade, then by taking young people out of the work force and releasing them from their indoctrination centers and also corrections facilities and permitting them to rampage, then three things are accomplished:
-Dissidents who might stand up for community survival in such a situation, can be drawn out under these sham conditions and identified and dealt with. If the Creep State is to engineer an American Holidomore in 2028, potential resistance actors should be neutralized ahead of time.
-The reactions of normal citizens may be monitored, and planning and training put into place to best manage this factor in event of actual disaster or perhaps an actual plague.
-The reactions of criminals can be monitored so that contingencies may be put in place to recruit, ally with or eliminate criminal forces in the event of a real disaster.
In short, what is going on, from the Creep State perspective, is largely live clinical trials.
One of the reasons for seemingly pointless wars in which the U.S. Government made no effort to achieve victory, such as Vietnam, Afghanistan [18 fucking years, already?] and Iraq, is practice for dealing with U.S. unrest. The media really hurt the war effort in Vietnam when it was let report as it saw fit. By 1991 in Iraq, the media was under tight control. What is more, news figures, like Wolf Blitzer, became the moral equals of generals and even the Secretary of State and the media was ushered into the inner circle of the System of Control. Never again would you see maverick reporters risking life and limb.
Ever since 1991, Iraq style media coverage has been the norm where violent events have unfolded. Just as in the military seting, where the media only has the vantage of line units, the domestic media only has the vantage that can be provided by uniformed police. For this reason, smooth, commercial grade propaganda with Hollywood grade emotives, can best be assured by controlling the local police, as they are the ushers of the media, the eye socket that protects the eye of the world. Nothing that happens outside of this lens happens. Americans believe lies far more easily than facts. This is the chief advantage of ruling a utopian society, that it was founded as a coercive fantasy and its members think in terms of fantasy, rather than reality, believing in such none sense as "rights".
Much of what does happen under the eye of the media is either deleted or put into false context. Real hitting of targets which the System needs to neutralize will be taken care of by Creep State, private and military actors. The story will be spun for domestic consumption based on what angle uniformed police, who will be subject to a variety of NGO, political and Creep State pressures, provide for the news personnel. The resulting, artificial angle, will then be spun as needed.
Just as you would have been served a total false view of 2015 Baltimore Purge activity, I was served a false view of the Standing Rock activity. The beauty of this system is that almost all of humanity only has the media lens as a vantage and few people have any contact with reality beyond their home and mask.

Denise commented on Pixelated Dogs and A. I. Gods Aug-31-2020 1:27 AM UTC
I feel the need to watch Minority Report and The X Files again. Somewhere, I heard that the devil has to get our consent and predictive Programming helps prepare us to comply to what the elite want us to do. There's another movie I saw being talked about that I can't remember the title that had Gerald Ford (I think) as the President who dies from a pandemic.
Speaking of drones, there were weird drone sightings in Colorado and Nebraska last fall. I can only imagine what they plan to do with those. I think it was minority Report that had drones that would scan people's eyes.

Denise, I do suspect that we have been programmed to believe that evil is good and to act against our own existential self-interest and collective interest, according to cues provided by our rulers. This, I think, is why our national history is built upon lies, almost exclusively. For with our reasoning process dependent on falsehoods, how can we plumb the truth?
We have literally been bred into blinders, like horses with a no peripheral vision. I really suspect that only those of us who have been damaged in some way, such as Phillip K. Dick with his acid trips, Uncle Ted with his Creep State experimentation, Ernst Younger shot in the head and going through shellshock insanity twice, in WWI, and me for being born retarded and unable to read until 5th grade, have had the experience of the rending of the veil. I can't not see through the veil of lies, because I was born to a sort of social blindness.
While the death of a few active criminals and child rapists and woman beaters has the nation wringing its hands over their martyrdom and the burning of our sacred feed stalls of sloth, in Georgia, over 30 children being trafficked for God knows what vile fate, were discovered in some kind of cattle car for kids—and it didn't make national news.
In my crackpot opinion, our every ruler, Orange Man, Uncle Joe, Brassy Nancy and their Creep State puppeteers are deeply evil. That is why we have been conditioned to the template of good guy/bad guy, so that we can never see more than half of the beast that dines on our bodies, minds and ultimately our souls.
The only freedom left to us is within.
The police goons are here to herd our body and their supposed enemies in this lurid street theater are here to herd our mind up into the insanity of the mob.
Drones, I have seen every time I have been in Utah.
The Eye of Sauron never rests.
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Denise Heupel     Sep 3, 2020

I was a bit surprised to see you putting the American Holdor in '28. Here I'm expecting things to erupt into madness any day now, but your pridicting later. I've been worried about people being evicted now that they've been behind on rent and mortgage payments for long enough, but today I was shocked that the CDC somehow or other now own all American notes on property (I'm going to have to re-read the article, but it floored me!) and so people won't be evicted. That's a plot twist that came out of nowhere to me. I've been expecting people to get restless now that they're getting kicked out and standing in bread lines. As things getting reported in the news get more and more bizarre, I feel like something big is about to happen I've seen some talking about nano technology and RNA stuff that's frightening.. What do you see as the time line of what to expect in the next decade? Someone posted a picture of Marot in his tub and that led me to do some reading on him and the politics of his day and it shocked me how similar to now it sounds with the radicals talking about releasing prisoners and executing. leaders

I absolutely agree with your beliefs about the system being evil. I have been kicked out of a lot of groups for asking what I think are common sense questions like about the q groups expecting our leader to save us, when he's been part of the system all along and tonight I was kicked out of a Noem for President group for reminding citizens that they have the Constitutional responsibility to remove unconstitutional leadership and they need to stay and fix their states. They truly expect others to do the work and are definitely feeling entitled to moving to South Dakota now that we're supposedly the only state left with Freedoms. Our governor is actively inviting transplants from other states. Every state that has experienced mass migration have changed their voting demographics. For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone would invite out of state trouble and higher taxes?! So, after seeing how entitled others are that think they have the right to come here,I already seeing that you're right and I won't feel guilty about protecting myself and my own interests. I'm part Indian and I'm feeling overrun in my own country and I can see the writing on the wall to what's coming and

am expecting my state to be ruined. There's no reasoning with people on either side. I've started to worry that my weird religion growing up.might be right after all and I'm thankful I was prepared to be hated by most everyone.

I saw what you're talking about with the media not covering the Standing Rock rioting and the radicals making up a completely false narrative and their followers buying every word they said, when I had seen more footage that showed the truth that wasn't being told. Because of what I saw, 2016 was a huge confirmation of the things I always wondered and suspected. This latest nonsense is just one more wake up call for me.
    Sep 7, 2020

Strange elite movement is happening in the Great Basin as I write.

Without a meteor strike I think this nation will still take a while to devolve. We might end up looking a lot like Russia after the Soviet collapse. A type of feudalism is developing with governors. So fascinating.

Take care Denise and can plenty of food!
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