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About Writing #2
Why Harm City is at an End
© 2020 James LaFond
A year or two ago I finished my last book on how to fight.
Shit, that’s incorrect, Oliver talked me into writing another one earlier this year.
I never wanted to write such books. I did this as a way to learn writing and later to pay the bills.
My loathing for this writing is countered by a responsibility I feel for readers interested in combat. So I will reluctantly continue to do as little of this as possible.
I have, now, written at least 50 books that I would categorize as Harm City material, basically journalism on surviving the expanding urban blight and anarcho-tyranny. I really don’t want to continue this. I might work on a collaboration with another author and will probably keep ghost writing for Randy Bracken—but I’m just done with letting this imploding shithole nation occupy my mind.
My eyes are failing and I have a limited amount of work that I can do, so will concentrate on what I care about:
If you would like my thoughts on urban survival, suburban blight, how not to end up face first on the sidewalk in your boomer gear, well than read a Harm City or Survival book from one of these book stores:
Thanks for your support.

Note: I’d like to keep this as a final post on this page, which is a huge archive of well over 3,000 articles. So, the 40 or so articles I have already written and which remain to post for Harm City, will either go up as Modern Combat or Blog page articles.
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Manny     Sep 8, 2020

It’s been a great run James. Thanks for all the advice over the years. There was nowhere else it could be obtained in this quality. I’ll miss your Harm City writing, but looking forward to your future work whatever form it takes. Take care of yourself out there. You know it’s a jungle. All the best, Manny.
James     Sep 9, 2020

Thank you so much, Manny.

I'm tying to improve my writing this year.
WellRead Ed     Sep 15, 2020

Good on ya! You can only allow the festering pustule of Harm City to infect your soul for so long before the 'Harm' becomes permanent. I left North Dindustan 30 years ago and have necer regretted it. Were it not for family remaining in its shadow, I would never venture east of The Mississippi ever again.
James     Sep 15, 2020

Yes, with me as well. I only go back east because of people I care about.

Thanks, WellRead Ed
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