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Duel or Fool?
Exile and Senile Discuss the Kinsasha Tiger and the Three Goats
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Exile commented on Fear and Combat Sep-10-2020 11:46 PM UTC
Kyle was caught on the horns of a dilemma.
Doing the objectively smart thing in a violent situation - confidently standing his ground and methodically and stoically eliminating the opposition in order of ability and willingness to end him - would be depicted in his trial as psychopathy and premeditation.
He came ready to fight, he fought, he won, therefore he must be destroyed.
Our feminized society requires that men (White men, at least) turn their tail and run - which any man knows will merely encourage the orcs to chase - in order to demonstrate their fealty to the Goddess Emasculata Pacifica.
The instructions you gave that young man on-site here about fighting a crowd recently would be much more realistic and useful.
But if we did what was realistic and useful, our women would soon be seething with rage at the blood-price of their actual safety - or ours, of course.

James responded on Sep-11-2020 at 12:27 AM:
You made many good points there.
I would like to express my lack of support for a fool who has made life infinitely harder for any man of his race in this country, which includes me. I might be a negro. But I look like one of you, okay. This guy will never be a hero to me.
Kyle leapt onto the horns of a dilemma.
He either got flushed out of his home onto the street or he went looking for trouble.
If he admits that he brought a gun because he expected to be attacked, in most states in this nation, that is intent to commit a felony. I don't know if he has a viable defense in his state. But if he gets off, it will trigger a cascade of anti-paleface, anti-gun laws and edicts which the PIGs will eagerly enforce.
Let's try and define victory according to reality.
I saw him walk up to the enemy with hands raised and surrender after knocking off some auxiliaries.
Where is that victory?
If that was not the enemy why did they point guns at him, capture him, and render first aid to his attackers?
It looked like the cavalry came to rescue his attackers, not him.
If he would have stayed at his home and gunned down these three home invaders, that would be victory. [He may well have been persecuted then as well.] But he apparently ran from his home without defending it—exactly who was defending his home when he was out playing Batman?
Oh, he was Rambo?
If he is homeless, how does he live on the street with a rifle?
Again, was he flushed from his house, his apartment and then run down?
Why was he out and about in street theater with a long gun?
In the LA riots even Korean employees and blood relatives of Korean store owners guarding private property were removed from armed guard duty by the LA PIG-dee. This has been the rule for decades, that citizens are not allowed to defend the government that takes their money and imposes laws upon them, and certainly not the property of friends and family and fellow citizens. Indeed, if someone is taking your car out of your driveway and you shoot them, in most states, that is a crime you committed which erases their crime. Even your own property may not be defended with lethal force, because the criminal you are killing is the property of the government that also owns you.
Read the book of Leviticus for one of the roots of this systemic sentiment in the vaunted WEST.
A month before Kyle became Batman, an NYPD PIG got in trouble for using a push to defend themselves. If cops can't use hands against rioters, what made this genius think he could use a gun?
He must believe in some strange sacred document that lies about some mythic fantasy of "rights." That fantasy might even have a number, I would guess.
So if the Crips and the Bloods are having a beef and I go out with a gun and try to intervene or help one side, and then I get attacked and clip three Bloods, and the Cripps capture me and lock me up while rendering aid to the Bloods—whose victory is that again?
I think the Crips win that engagement.
I sure as shit didn't win.
This is nothing new.
Sure, he was set up, having come ready to fight someone else's fight, a battle that someone was ordered not to fight.
It was a trap.
He walked into it.
How does the tiger that kills the goat in the tiger trap and then get's netted and shipped to the zoo, how is that a victory?
No one gave a shit about the goat. They wanted a tiger and they got it.
Oh, he killed three goats and they had horns—he is still a caged tiger.
This is like you decking another fighter three times in a boxing match but getting out pointed the other 7 rounds and then getting a decision loss while your corner men help stitch up the opponent and calling it a win.
We do not make the rules.
Pretending we do, not only leads to disaster, but can make things much worse when we continue to pretend that our great loss was a victory.
Even if this kid gets off, he has pointed the media and hundreds of small armies and gangs [law enforcement] at every one who looks like him and who owns a semi-auto rifle.
This is a loss for Kyle, for you, for me and for every inmate of this delusional prison who would like to remain fractionally free.
I do not even fantasize about the level of freedom that Kyle foolishly thought he possessed. But every fool like that who volunteers to generate the bad optics that the System needs to lock me in a cage more easily, is not a victor but an excuse to fuck me over even more.
Also, since anytime this asshole comes up on this blog, if I approve a comment praising or excusing him, I can expect to be put on some list, by the wonderful civic minded professionals who monitor my work—I love you guys in Silver Spring!—I'm just not going to approve any comments concerning people that the mainstream [the System] will characterize as representing my view. I'm publishing this to try to put out one fire without igniting another. Either right wing nuts will do me harm or the System will—either is a loss for me. So I do not want to be part of this discussion.
As a policy I won't field anymore comments, share news or discuss the actions of palefaces with guns.
We need to understand that this is not a process of deciding who is right and who is wrong, who wins and who loses.
This is a process that began with the Systemic decision that any act of violence—no matter what the justification—by a pale man is inherently evil and must be punished.
That WE are the enemy is the starting condition of the game.
"Winning" street battles against the pets of the System is a loss, always. Did you know that Antifa operates according to the U.S. agency guidelines for taking down small governments? The System is using NGOs to take down cities like they do Banana republics. Imagine you are an adopted child, a boy. Your sister hauls off and slugs you and you two start to fight.
Really, how do you win that?
Winning American street fights—especially those stage managed to produce optics for brainwashing the Mask Cultists—and expecting System approval is like an adopted boy beating the shit out of his sister, and then expecting his adopted parents and her blood parents to side with him.
We are the bad guys.
There is no victory.
The best we can hope for is survival.
Cinematic "victory" on the street by a paleface will always be a justifying factor in our eradication.
The more I write on this the more hopeless it appears to me.
I now understand the importance to the System of "Conservatives." They are the perfect fall-guys, dupes and dopes.
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