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A Buried Past
Banjo and James Discuss Unrecorded America
200 Years of Fabricated History?
Mon, Sep 14, 10:23 PM (2 days ago)
This might be on the odd side but as I'm reading Empire of the Summer Moon and Ambrose's "Nothing Like It In the World" which chronicles the construction of the railroad in the united States, I am struck by the fact that the railroad being built and the fighting with the Commanche all happened around 160 years ago. My grandparent's parents could have seen some of this. That is pretty mind boggling. I started wondering how large stone structures were built in the west when both getting materials was tough (some items for the railroad had to be shipped by boat) to the west coast and took 6 months.
I came across this guy's work:
and so on.
He is positing that there was a civilization that was here long before ours and on top of which we built ours, often using parts of the structures that remained.
I've been to Straussborg France a few times and usually spend hours inspecting The Cathedral of Notre Dame. It is quite beautiful but oddly it took 400 years to complete. So did we advance so quickly in the usa that our masonry skills improved exponentially and we built all sorts of buildings so quickly across the country? All the stone had to be cut out and shipped...on wagons? Seems like that would take a while. It seems that our building skills have definitely degraded in an extreme manner to this day. Our buildings are designed to last 10 or 20 years. Could we even construct another St. Patrick's Cathedral? Maybe some people can tell me how it was built but can anyone do it now? Another thing to note about the Cathedral of Notre Dame is that archeologists state that it was built on a a series of religious sites going back to the Romans. It seems feasible that sites in the usa may have also been built on sites previously used by wiped out civilizations.
I often wonder if we are really so advanced as a civilization. When I view ancient sculptures I just cannot fathom how they were created. When I look at most art made in recent times I am struck at how little ability is behind the majority of works. I saw a show at the MET of Michelangelo and was struck by his sculptures. How could the details be done so perfectly? I would venture a guess that this work can probably only be done by a few people in the world anymore. USAdumpsterbrains are more amazed by Jackson Pollack's childish fingerpaintings. I suspect these shitty "art" pieces and millions of others like it are probably more valuable to the finance world because the banksters have more potential pieces to launder El Chapo's money through. A magnificent sculpture probably takes a decade with modern tools to finish (I have no idea, just a guess). I am digressing but suffice to say that there is a degeneration in buildings, in art, in music. Maybe we aren't so progressive a civilization after all.
You have studied history and proven that much of the modern narrative is nonsense. Do you think it could extend to the depths that the youtube guy is saying? I don't know much about much so this could all be tinfoil hattery...but it does make me pause and think about the world around me.

Extensive evidence of monumental architecture, iron smelting and literate societies was well-known and openly discussed in the 1700s and 1800s. This included President Abraham Lincoln discussing the well-known tombs of men who were said to be giants in the Ohio Valley. I very much enjoyed these two videos. However, the narrator seems to have a materialistic sense of the sacred and looks at spires linking man with heaven and sees ancient radio antenna. Your view is much more cogent. America's monumental architecture was often built on wilderness, quickly, cheaply, often ugly, and was then built over. What I see in these videos is not evidence of ancient civilizations with radio towers that have been appropriated, but, as you posited, a steady and precipitous degradation in a civilization's capacity—its very will, you might say—to build, with latter architecture almost always cheaper, uglier and less permanent, literally heaped on top of the more permanent and more massive buildings of the ancients.
Much of Catholic Latin America—including the American Southwest—was obviously not only built upon the ruins of earlier civilizations, but utilized those structures as quarries for material to build less ambitious, less sacred and less massive works. This same trend can be seen in ancient Greece, with the cyclopean buildings erected before the Bronze Age Collapse, dwarfing much of what Classical Hellas built. In many cases, the Akropolis, or High City of Classical Hellas may have been built upon the ruins of a Bronze Age citadel. Civilized accretion was well- understood in earlier times, but does not find purchase in the self-worshipping American mind. The very foundation of modern Archeology is a belief that ancients could never do what we do, that they were inferior in every way, which is the opposite view that the ancients held of their forefathers. Modern Man is a thumb-sucking turd of perspective.
My view is that the lies of American history are primarily ones of omission and denial, not outright fabrication. In many cases our accepted lies, such as no European being a slave in North America, that this land had been called the Colonies when its inhabitants had named it The Plantations, and that the earliest European settlers noted zero racial differences in the natives and themselves, other than the natives being taller, stronger and more warlike, represent the terminus of a long debate in which the winners, such as the Smithsonian Institution, decided on one hand to stick with the simplest narrative, rather than uphold the complexity of Early America to the befuddled masses, and on the other to opt for a narrative that was positive rather than negative and reflected well on the newly minted notion of "whiteness." The dissenting voices have been preserved, just not promoted into the accepted narrative.
What I found most interesting was a video that came up on the youtube feed about the mountain within which the Denisnovian remains were found, along with Neanderthal, a mountain that is apparently man made of geometrically shaped blocks larger—like many ancient sites around the world—than any modern means of excavation, transportations or construction could handle. What is more, there are three extinct races of human beings who had much larger brains—as well as stronger bodies—than we supposedly apex humans. These findings jive with the ancient myths that men had been preceded by races of titans and giants and gods who were world builders and is echoed in ancient poetics with Homer's assurances that men of old were all more powerful than their contemporary scions.
Are we just degenerates looking over our collective shoulder back up the river of Time at the men who propelled our kind and even fathered our line, with the disdain that adolescents typically hold for their progenitors in a civilized setting?
Civilization is a disease that negates the wisdom of the parent and thus blinds us to the Truth so that we may be domesticated by the Lie.
As long as we cling to such notions as the impossibility of European enslavement and the unique slave status of Africans we have no hope of seeing reality, whether it is buried, fabricated or misrepresented. We have had faulty operating systems installed in our minds by The Masters, to the point where we are not even capable of recalling, let alone understanding, the ancient axiom that we have only seen further than our forbearers because we stood on their shoulders. That is the truth that kept echoing through my mind as I saw the images of frail buildings built on top of monolithic buildings, particularly the views of Spanish Forts on Pourto Rico. Successors almost always pale in comparison to the conquerors, most notably in their will to dominate man and nature and challenge God, even as the successors turn away from God and fancy themselves divine in pathetic wise...
One final thought, on the swift rise of America that makes no sense to the person who does not understand that it was a slave matrix. Millions of European men, women, children and youths, African Americans and Chinese were worked to death and planted in unmarked graves with no record that they ever lived. If men such as this video maker knew that something like ten million anonymous souls were worked to death from 1607 through 1900 to build this phoenix-like nation, than perhaps the abrupt rise of such scale would not surprise. That is the central fabrication of American History, that it was a racially selective semi-slave matrix, when it was in fact a racially inclusive total-slave matrix.
America is even more of a lie than these videos suggest. But we are disabled from seeing it, blind in our self-worshipping and self-hating cups of gilded guilt.
Thanks, Banjo.
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