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‘A Gateway’
Brain Muraresku and Graham Hancock on the Joe Rogan Experience # 1543
© 2020 James LaFond
This fascinating journey of discovery by a sober, university scion into the antiquity of sacral drug use [including alcohol] was at once marred and illuminated by the lovable, meat-headed host, a middle-aged drug-head-jock, and the reprehensible and irritating cosmic oatmeal cookie Graham Hancock.
Dozens of times these two stoners tried to convince Muraresku that he could never understand the subject without partaking of the psychedelic experience!
However, he proved Hancock’s own 40-year obsession in a mere ten years, something Hancock would take a millennium to do if he had the ability, which he does not, for his imaginative powers are obviously crippled.
Rogan, the successful, egotistical jock, seems to have benefitted greatly by his drug experiences and lacks the imagination to understand that this might not be a good thing for another personality. He says that one is incapable of being self-critical and engaging in self-improvement without confronting “our dark side,” and that this can only be accomplished through psychedelics.
Well, I confront my failings, my dark side and my demons every waking moment of the day and in my sleep. If Rogan had to walk a mile in my mind he’d be on his knees crying his eyes out and asking for a hug. When I was lying next to a lady this summer she said, “What are you thinking about?”
I responded, “Your mind would melt. You don’t want to know.”
She took me at my word.
As with Rogan, if that stoner knew what I knew, saw the world through a thrice darkened glass as I did, his brain would explode.
Rogan though, is still the searching student of wonder. The only time he truly sickened me was when he suggested that no person who has not done drugs should be permitted to hold office. He does not understand that the ancient ruling classes monopolized drug use and—like with child rape today—that ritual experience was the glue that bound the ancient rulers and tyrants together. There is a total lack of appreciate for duality in the minds of these psychedelic squirrels.
Just like it was a crime to walk down the street unapologetically as an ebon man when I was a boy, it is now a crime for me, an ivory man, to do so. Things flip, two falsehoods in perpetual polarized rotation. The world is already tilting towards mandatory drug use, with boys drugged into girls in school and in homes. As Rogan and Hancock rage for the “sovereign adult” to be able to experiment with his brain [something I fully support] as he sees fit, out of one side of their mouth, out of the other side comes the pronouncements that only psychedelic drug users can truly know everything—yet the evidence that this is not so sat across the table from muscle boy Rogan, in the form of the straight mind that accomplished what Rogan and Hancock had not in over a century of combined life, he did in a mere decade—write that book.
Also on parade was the inability of Rogan and Hancock to not cuss and swear, showing low imagination. Rogan wants a world where we are all forced to take drugs that will alter our consciousness, which he is somehow convinced will be a positive experience for everyone, with no attendant risks.
Hancock, is more childish by leaps and bounds as he claims that cave painting and any record of combined animal-human figures are proof of psychedelic drug use as the only way the human mind can generate that image is with drugs.
How about near death, you dodo!
How about dreams?
Two nights ago I had a dream that one of my sons came to me as a half deer, half human messenger on a Maryland hillside planted with the Rowan berries I have been picking in the Rockies. I did no drugs.
These half animal images have plagued my dream life and waking hours since childhood—no drugs.
In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the book that is older than the Rig Veda, but which all of stoner kind insist is the first book, though it’s antiquity is some 2,000 years less, the book that all of their kind love to overlook, Enkidu related such an avatar when he lay dying in a fever. I have also had such visions when suffering from fever.
Once, after staying awake for three days I had such visons—very powerful hallucinations as I ghost-walked around Northeast Baltimore to a work a shift I did not have to work…
To say that men can only have inspiration through drugs is the claim of the weak herd mind what seeks mewing partners in the stalls of The Machine.
Warriors and prize-fighters have often achieved visionary understanding of their purpose and potential through disciplined, self-deprivation alone. Depending on drugs as the only gateway to the other side is the option of the weak mind. And what mind is weaker than the civilized mind?
It is the premise of my novel Dreameater that Neanderthals, with their much larger brains, being first to practice ritual, knew a way to the other side. It is just an idea. But might we be trying to attain what they achieved with a superior brain by juicing ours, just like athletes of today try and equal those of yesterday with performance-enhancing drugs?
I have stayed up for five days and have had visions, even while fighting, as I fought 41 rounds on the fifth day. Many of these fights are on video and were recorded on an August Saturday in 2005.
Yet Hancock and Rogan insist that my mind, a mind that could not pass a single math quiz or graduate high school and could not even read through most of elementary school—a sped, a retard—could not do what I have done, make the predictions I have made, without drugs.
How stupid can two white men be?
That stupid.
Brian Muraresku’s work was impeccable and insightful and the presentation was only marred by the two old stoners shaming him for not coming over to the psychedelic experience. I once lived with a stoner, tripper named Ronbone who stopped trying to drug me when he discovered that I, sober, was the only person he could discuss his visions with and that I, unlike he, remembered his visions. I also recalled his crimes, like when he was tripping and broke into a priest’s car and brought me a bunch of seminary books.
The most delusional aspect of the conversation was when the old stoner Hancock claimed that it was about time that we realized that our rulers are really our servants and not our rulers. In this he parrots the lie that is America, the fraudulently installed myth that the people with all the power serve the people with none of the power. After claiming to distrust all of our recorded history, he then places ultimate trust in the final iteration of mind control installed between 1776 and 1787, the sham documents that convinced the sons of slaves that their masters served them and which has led to our “species with amnesia” having far less memory of reality than our forefathers in 1775 did, men who knew they were owned and under the guns of the elite and their ravenous man-dogs, the mastiffs of the King and the hounds of the Continental Congress.
[Well, if they believed that why did they mostly run for the hills and cross the Mississippi, starve in deserts, freeze in blizzards and mountains and die on Indian spears rather than stay in the System? But the System caught them and it is they, the descendants of the runaways that still chaff under government control. Rogan can’t even articulate this despite having fled from the coast into the interior himself.]
Despite all of their “trips” Stoner Joe and the Sublime Cosmologist cannot understand that they are just pawns being used to push a paradigm shift into a world where living as a sovereign mind unaltered by drugs, or by direct linkage with media, for which some type of drug will be used as a sedative or facilitating agent, will be, as Rogan suggests, a disqualification for participation in the power structure, and, in my view, a crime. I remember when I lost all of my friends and no girl would even talk to me because I did not get high. I think our society is headed to that as a rule. After all, it is my stoner, low-boomer crop of weak minds that is now attaining power, a crop of minds incapable of surviving the buffets of Reality without medication, that I suspect, will one day mandate universal medication. It is already well underway with school medication of boys and now transgender coercion by parents and professionals. I suspect that at some point, anyone with a behavioral complaint will be subjected to involuntary or voluntary psychedelic treatment in a clinical setting and then drugged with opiates and anti-anxiety medications as an outpatient. The System will not give up its control of mind-altering or enhancing substances. Do you really want insurance adjusters, doctors from Pakistan and India and China, and medical administrators with paperwork to falsify to satisfy the trustees, deciding that you will have a psychedelic experience and then administrating, monitoring and managing your mind, your trip, your visions, your dreams, your doubts and dreads?
You might be arrested, sterilized or lobotomized for admitting to certain visions, like the ones I have, for instance, in your medical debriefing.
We stand a year or two away from mandatory medical treatment for all, being put under law enforcement control by a medical establishment which is almost entirely built around drug prescription. And these dodos, speaking with a brilliant sober mind, in between praising him for doing what both of them combined could not have done in 100,000 years of South American solitude, suggest that he should not achieve elevation on the pyramid of the Logos, unless he gets high!
These fools are pining for a world in which this entire nation will be a mental establishment like depicted in the movies Twelve Monkeys or One Flew Over the—no, we are already in that bat-shit nest and Rogan and Hancock, one loveably searching and one reprehensibly queefing, are just symptoms of the Overmind expressing itself through our wretched, collective, Undermind.
I tell you this, if Graham Hancock is ever unfortunate enough to take one of his Amazon Juju Juice trips and is able to fly far enough to end up in my subconscious, you will know, because he will be last seen drooling with eyes wide shut as he claws at his tear ducts in hopes of stopping the river of sorrow gushing from his stained glass window frames…
Brian, will hopefully write another book before he messes with the complex hinges of that inquisitive door by giving in to that sissy British hippy and the curious stoner meathead.
Thanks to Bob for showing me this video, which was endlessly illuminating for every second that Brian was permitted to speak around the mentor pressure [much tougher than peer pressure] to join the delusional hum circle.
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T-Rex     Oct 3, 2020

I've done plenty of psychedelic drugs in my life, hell, done plenty of them this year. The people I've talked to who claim that psychedelic drugs expand their mental faculties and make them somehow more in tune, more insightful, more able to make penetrating observations behind the veil, are full of shit. LSD, magic mushrooms, etc, are nothing more than cheap thrills, a cheap high. They dull your mind with anything more than occasional use. You might as well drink Coors light and sniff glue if you're looking for enlightenment.

Did Beethoven take acid? He wrote some pretty good tunes. He seemed up there on another level. The idea that you can get smart from drugs is a gigantic lie. You're better off reading as many books and experiencing as many new places and things as you can if you're really looking to broaden your horizons. The people I've met in my life who claim to be on some higher spiritual plane due to drugs are without a doubt self deluded, small minded followers who repeat the same drivel about spirituality and higher conciousness as all the other fools.

I perhaps do agree somewhat that one cannot understand the experience of doing psychedelic drugs without ever actually having done them any more than one can understand sex without ever having actually done it.

Taking LSD, smoking bongs rips and listening to Black Sabbath is quite a pleasant experience, I spent my teenage years doing just that, but it would be foolish to think that it somehow led me to some great awakening.
James     Oct 3, 2020

Thanks, man.
Harmonica Dog Walker     Oct 5, 2020

Graham Hancock, I hadn't thought of him since he appeared on Art Bell's Coast to Coast and other shows...back in the '90s. He was talking about UFOs and junk, I mean, it was fun when I was a kid - it was great listening to the guy on all night C++ programming sessions. But now there's something degenerative about listening to potheads and LSD poppers going on about their mystic visions. Can't stand it, man.
James     Oct 5, 2020

best handle we've seen here in a while Harmonica Dog Walker.
Increase Mather XXI     Oct 19, 2020

Dude bruh, like, y'all need to really open the doors of perception maaaaaan. Like really bruh. It's all about expansion maaaaaaaan.

Seriosuly, most (not all, but most) of the people I've met that were really into "mind drugs" and grass in general, have been the total opposite of James LaFond, lol! And they seem like the perfect victims of the characters James encounters. Just sayin', maaaaaaaaan.
James     Oct 20, 2020

Thank you and may you and yours increase!
Increase Mather XXI     Oct 20, 2020


Nice comment sir. I've never done drugs, psychedelic or otherwise. I've always considered drugs (all of them) to be absolutely dumb (no offense). If you want to be smarter, teach yourself a second and third language, if only for reading comprehension. Then, whenever you read something in English, imagine that same paragraph in your chosen extra languages, or, if reading in those extra languages, translate in your mind as you read. Also, you can hold a book up to a mirror and read backwards. Heavy physical exercise can help in making you smarter as well.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to trying to be smarter: easy is BS, hard is true. If it is as simple as ingesting substances purchased from guys you wouldn't want your sister to marry, then it is obviously BS.

Lastly, weed is just dumb. The effect it has on people is dumb. According to one Alex Berensen's Book, "Tell your Children," it can also lead to hyper-violent murders, committed by the kinds of guys that would normally be easy prey for James LaFond's fellow Baltimorans.
James     Oct 20, 2020

I actually think that all drugs should be totally legal and unregulated. Part of my reasoning, is that the more normal and smart people damage their minds, the more chance a retard like me has of being smarter. As I was only 1 of 3 boys in Trinity High who did not get high, and the other two were genius level minds, I think the drugged American brain has already permitted me to excel in the vacuum.
Increase Mather XXI     Oct 21, 2020


"I actually think that all drugs should be totally legal and unregulated. Part of my reasoning, is that the more normal and smart people damage their minds, the more chance a retard like me has of being smarter. As I was only 1 of 3 boys in Trinity High who did not get high, and the other two were genius level minds, I think the drugged American brain has already permitted me to excel in the vacuum."

LOL! Holy shit that was awesome. See how clever one can be when not taking drugs!

I'd be down to legalize weed if it could be guaranteed that I'd never have to over hear conversations in public that started with: "dude, I was soooooo baked last night maaaan, huh huh, huh huh," etc. That is really the worst part of it all.

One more thing that annoyed me about the drug culture; being put into a position to have to effect a 'smile' when told of one's drug abuse. Like, "dude, like such-and-such a singer is always so baked man," and having the sayer of the aforementioned tripe give the slick smile that just say, "that's totally rad, you agree, don't you?" That always drove me up the wall. Wether such-and-such a singer is to my liking or not is absolutely not affected by his idiotic lifestyle choices.

I could go on forever on this topic.
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