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The Filthy Few Completed
10/14/2020, 11:47 A.M., In a Hotel Room Somewhere in Sunny California
© 2020 James LaFond
At 40,247 words and 208 pages this book, now four years in progress is being sent off to the editor. I ran a rough scenario, so if you, as a reader, volunteered for duty in the rescue mission, than the character based on you most likely did not make it. I killed both of the characters based on me. Oh, there is a character based on my favorite contemporary novelist in this story, a story inspired by a book of his titled Meta- Pizza Gate.
I expect that my editor, Lynn will bundle this with Sam Finlay’s fiction based on my experiences in Baltimore. Sam is of course, a character in this novel.

The Filthy Few
A Dozen Misfits against the Sick World and Other Stories
James LaFond and Samuel Finlay

Dust Cover
February 27, 2020
Samuel Finlay comes home from working at the Dollar Store, wondering why his college education had fitted him for nothing more than pointless military service and now customer service for the rude. Then, on the dilapidated porch of his Little Rock, Arkansas rental, waiting for him with what seemed infinite patience, was a man in a gray suit, silver sunglasses and silver hair with the following message from the last Pro-American President of The United States.
The people that run the world through the media have an annual meeting in a place known to the Sitting President, wherein all first term politicians, all media and social media executives and the deans of the 100 most prestigious universities in the nation rape abducted children as part of a satanic pact, to be documented by Deep State agents and employed to keep these people in line with the will of the 15 bankers who rule the world.
The President will pardon six vicious criminals, serving life or on death row, if they agree to form a death squad to wipe out the pedophiles running the nation from behind closed doors and rescue the doomed children from their deep state fate.

Table of Contents
Filthy Few Auditions 5
First of the Filthy Few 5
Coconut Groove 5
The Song in Joey’s Head 12
Unluckiest of the Filthy Few 19
Stone Cold Louann Rhimolde 29
Foulest of the Filthy Few 42
Worst of the Filthy Few 45
Dexter Brown 54
Big Sam [1] and Jimmy Jam 60
The Filthiest of the Filthy Few: Part 1 of 3 60
Beaker 67
“Downtown” Charlie Brown 75
Best of the Filthy Few 84
Samuel Finlay’s Fateful Day 89
Winnowing the Damned 96
Filthy Few Roster 105
Gathering of the Damned 107
Road to Redemption 122
Bad JuJu 122
Bill Walls 126
Big Ed 127
Clued 128
Manny Soprano 129
Glasgow Ned 134
Shit without the Fan 136
Snow White 142
Gina Mack 147
Hittin’ the Fan 155
Andy’s Pizza Mountain 157
Sam Finlay’s D-Day 161
The Sword of the Czars 165
The Science of Interactive Painting with Professor Dean 167
Joey Bennet Goes to Hell 168
When it All Falls Together 172
In the Brain Pan 174
Spelling My Name 178
The Boonesmobile Railroad 181
Luther’s Payload Stand 186
Afterward 189
Author’s Notes 192
Detroit Research 196
A Science-Haunted World Completed
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