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The Mad World Keeps Going Deeper into Insanity
The drab, dreary Draconian drama drags on
Sat, Oct 17, 2:05 PM (22 hours ago)

We could fix this by making people join the Whites.
I mean, since "white" is not a race, not a language, not a religion, but just some form of economic place holding, why not make it an elite club with responsibilities?
Here is what I suggest for membership in future White Society—which does really mean purity, that is the symbology of the absence of color in the traditional European view:
-1. You must repent for the Original Sin of your birth, publically, or on social media.
-2. You must participate in the denunciation or punishment of an unrepentant person who claims "whiteness."
-3. You must have sex with an African American man.
-4. You must get all of your protein from plants.
-5. If you are caught working with your hands or defending yourself, you are kicked out of Whiteness.
-6. You must kneel to non-whites on demand.
-7. You must pay a sin tax for being "white" every year.
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