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Crazy Reflexes
Electric Dan and the Obsolete Man Discuss an Elite Fighter
Oct 12, 2020, 12:12 PM (6 days ago)
to me
This is the video I was telling you about
Lerdsila Chumpairtour's Reaction Time Is Not Human
-Electric Dan

Move 1:
Of curse, Dan, I'm not a kicker, but I have been finished with kicks a few times.
More often than that, I have been out-positioned, out-worked and compromised by men using low kicks for position.
As a boxing and weapons guy, what screams to me is attention to hips.
The Asian fellow is dealing with a Brazilian biped what thinks he is a monkey and he, more than showing crazy reflexes, demonstrates cool attention under pressure and in stead of trying to deal with the flailing feet and hands, keeps his eye on the hips and just stalls the acrobat out.
One thing I noted when fighting with machetes. Any time a man committed to kick me, I could always cleave him, unless he launched me first.
It is my opinion that the foot jab or front kick to the hips is the must under used and most energy efficient tactical kick. More importantly, this kick is compatible with bladed weapons and extension weapons.
Move 2:
In the boxing ring, where L C stands in front of his man and makes him miss, it is all hips and elbows. The man rotates his torso around his hips to move his head and maintains control of the hips and spine of the attacker. This is very minimalistic, bio-mechanically and is associated with the boxing adage of focusing on the chest so you can see the elbows tell from the body and have the hips dialed in.
Overall Impression:
I do not understand the kicking game well. I do understand that kickers have better hips than punchers and it helps them a lot with grappling. There is also the aspect of boxing from the hips, which is the key behind the low hand guard of such fighters. Remember that in bare knuckle days the low guard was the standard.
Other than outstanding hips, I see relaxation, as a major aspect. He might look like he is taking the big risks by having his hands down, but it is his foes who are flailing while his mechanical risk exposure while in motion—which is what gets you KO'd most disastrously—is almost nil.
Thanks for the video, Dan!

Oh, and I like Action Figure therapy sent in by our reader Wuhan John.
Thanks, Man.
"It is literally my life's dream to get into a hand-to-hand combat situation with a bunch of assholes in a hardware store. It's like, Holy Cow! There's so much stuff you could beat the crap out of someone with."
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