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Separation of Church and Pate
Teutonic Fist and the Laconic Wrist Discuss Teacher Beheadings
© 2020 James LaFond
Teacher beheaded
Oct 16, 2020, 10:15 PM (4 days ago)
some teacher in the land of liberteeee egaliteeee and freterniteee got his noggin seperated from his body.
did you know that on the 5th october was world teachers day?
Reuters: "French police on Friday shot dead a man who minutes earlier had killed a middle school teacher by slitting his throat in the street in a suburb of Paris, police said on Friday.
The teacher had shown pupils in his class cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, which are considered by Muslims to be blasphemous, according to a police source."
So many fuckups in so few words. One could ask why a middle school teacher needs to politicise his pupils. Why is there this bourguise faggy need to mock the foreign cult of foreign people simply because they are. I found this need to mock the religion of "the other" always pathetic. Smearing a quran in bacon is simply a waste of food and
wasting food is in the culture of the northern barbarian a more blasphemos act than any attempt of mocking the scripture of an other for being an other. Mockery is so beside the point. If there is a conflict between ones own and the other, simply go forth and kill. Mockery is nothing but a cope, an attempt to muster courage by demeaning for people who in reality have no use for it anyway and simply go back stewing in impotant ager in their shitty little peasant huts raising a weak wrist cursing the lord in his manor.
Anyway this teacher got his head cut off by some angry muslims guy who will not stand for the mockery of his thing and i'am fine with that. Realy disapointed in the performance of a male authority figure who could be responsible for a bunch of children in an emergency situation.
Also noting that his head got cut off in the shoulder area which is a bit weird sine there is more to cut then by simply seperating the head where it meets the neck.
Maybee i will not see great moments in history like my parents did when they televised the moon landing to when they moth balled in the concord airplane, but for sure as shit i gona see how teachers get their fucking throats slit and head cut off in 1080p.
-Teutonic Fist

I always wanted to hack up male school teachers as a youth. It warms the heart that some one actually had the guts to do it. Public schools are a clear violation of the late Civic-Christian principle of separation of church and state, as System-financed atheistic schooling is nothing other than indoctrination and induction into the must successful religion in human history thus far, the actual worship of human systems of control. We are in the matrix and worship not only it, but also our own potential as ascendant deities.
Perhaps the teacher was standing and taller than the executioner, who should be a hero and pillar of French Islam.
While I am in a very liberal city I have gotten to see how homes are now invaded, electronically, by state surveillance systems and cult functionaries, who peer into a household through virtual school classes in their bid to induct the children in the cultism of global homo erotic child rape. The Shamdemic has been used to bring such toxically feminine child programmers into millions of American homes. This alone is one reason why the Murican Mind has been inducted into hatred of Islam and our military has been used to screen the fact that all religions other than the programming, induction and rape of our children. These three prime aspects of the System of Control we worship as an earthly god every time we mask up, kneel, vote, watch a news cast, stay home from church or open up an internet link to a virtual school teacher, are geared towards making every one of us a monk or a priest in a global cult of collective self-worship which counts every traditional religion an enemy.
Oh, yes, readers in the U.S., please, never strike a school teacher, ever!
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Increase Mather XXI     Oct 21, 2020

"Separation of Church and Pate." Damn, that is clever as all get-out, seriously.
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