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Angela's Crack Pipe Ashes
On Being Waste People Compost: A Dialogue with Teutonic Fist
© 2020 James LaFond
[My European friend here has made some insightful and slashing statements about the shithole nation I was born into, so I will place my comments in brackets, so that Bob and Gwyndin's blood does boil too rapidly to prevent venting.]

Angelas Crackpipe Ashes
12:23 AM (15 hours ago)
I read a few reviews of that movie over the day and its almost all politicized "Trumps lower class American voters" stuff because the guy who wrote Hillbilly Elegy, his autobiography was 30 something, became this lawyer at the high-risk investment firm owned by Peter Thiel. All these reviews are liberal snot nosed snark about "oh well this scene with the forks is a reference to Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts blabla".
[The basic dynamic in American culture for 400 years has been slaves escaping from the elite and trying to forge an American identity, as the Elite maintain their European urban identity. That American identity is either vested in work or crime or both in urban centers, or work and/or crime and autonomy in rural retreats. As an escaped or released slave all you have is your ability to do things, so that is the toolkit you have. The elites follow when things get easy enough to manipulate. Their first tactic is to seduce the high prospect children of the white trash and bring the local talent into the master class. The second is to move the industry that the people who escaped the elite class work in, so that the trash will be blown away on the winds of change. The hatred and fear of rural people has always been palpable among aspirational class and elite whites, and for this reason you will never see that most Appalachian people are perfectly functional humans with stronger than normal family ties. Only the underside will be shown to you. I would suggest the Saddlebag People book from the 1930s, written by an urban doctor living above the fall lines in Tennessee. The clannish cast-off Аrуаns of the Appalachians, Ozarks and Rockies will eventually be the targets of the U.S. Military. That is why the pointless hunt for Аrуаn Taliban in Afghanistan in alliance with non-Аrуаn ethnic warlords and child rapists—its practice to hunt down the scions of the runaways. This book, was a facet of the media justification for that coming hunt. The president that the author worshipped in print, signed the order legalizing war-making on U.S. Citizens. Ironically, the men who man the spear-tip of this military are most often these same white trash. Will they stop enlisting or will they turn on their own like J.D. Vance?]
These fucking people can't see what is right in front of their eyes meaning that these shitty white trash peasants were kept from falling into total collapse because they had this family bailout system and institutions around them that prevented the worst. It doesn't matter if its the rust belt or some Irish neighbourhood in Brookyln or Ireland itself were people die of hunger and damp when they now die of obesity and opiates.
[The view that has been promoted about people in Appalachia being all trash, is system protocol, and would be like claiming that all blacks are exactly like the gang members depicted in The Wire. Yes, they exist, but for every gang member is five people with jobs who are, in the case of The Wire, depicted, with one of the drug dealers going straight and becoming an athletic shoe sales clerk—a slave. With hillbillies, you will only ever see the worst. These two media models on one hand promote the notion that the black gangbanger could rise to a socially acceptable place, while the hillbilly is only good for menacing suburban actors in Hollywood movies.]
I never got this American working class romantiques about steel mills and coal mines cause where i live everyone was glad when these industries went away and the proles who made big money with their coal mining job lost their revenue stream to finance the most tasteless impulses that struck their fancy at any given moment, not to speak of the environmental impact. Why do they think Flint now is this god forsaken dump, cause it was a god forsaken dump to begin with and the industry chose such dumps on purpose cause it wouldn't impact where the brainclass people would live.
[Brain class people live very close to Flint, in rarified enclaves, all over the Midwest. The dynamic has ever been, industrialize it using European Americans and then de-industrialize it using African Americans, and then send the latter population wherever they drove the European Americans and gentrify. It's pretty simple. The elites manage human displacement as an art form. Romanticizing defeat of your people can be a source of strength: the French Legion Estranger march with the wooden hand of the officer that lost a famous battle in Mexico, the Israeli military uses Massada, where the Romans conquered them in antiquity to induct members—and what do Americans have, just the stuff they build. It's a way to resist the total de-heroization of life in a degraded form. Industrial and infrastructure work is at least dangerous.]
Lets put our coal fire right here in the middle of nowhere. The cowboy didn't settle America's wilderness, the Air Conditioner Unit did.
[Ah, all of the west is not Arizona any more than Ireland is all of Europe. Numerous types of pioneering people, mostly fleeing from the eastern elites, settled this huge land masse. What the air conditioner, the jet plain and the internet has done, is enable the elites from the two toxic coasts, to colonize the Rockies, the Deserts, the Northwest rain forests, anywhere that would have been inconvenient to go before these inventions. Sir, no place in the U.S.A. is more miserable without an air conditioner than the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast in summer. Dry climates don't require it except for the elderly. After coming from Baltimore, I've never been hot out west. Note, that where I stayed, within a day's drive of the iconic desert mesa scenes of the American west that Europeans are familiar with from movies, has a temperature reading thirty degrees below freezing in the first week of October. If you go on a hike without a jacket in August you might freeze to death. The location of industry was actually chosen around Appalachia and the great lakes because the coal was in those mountains, and those mountains shed two massive river systems, one going southwest to the Mississippi and one southeast to the Chesapeake, and the Great Lakes and Mississippi River afforded water transport to the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. This coal, iron and water transport confluence is the reason why, above all else, that Germany and Japan had zero chance of Victory against the U.S. in that industrial war. Our white trash potato heads could build more shit than your watchmakers and samurai could sink or shoot down. The U.S. remains a slave economy, toiling under a delusion of freedom with the Master abstracted to the Almighty Dollar.]
Anyway its always nice to see a few people escape this horror until you are reminded that even if that potato head kid isn't some dysfunctional, substance abusing drunkard like the ones before him, guess what his children will be.
[Your instinct that aspirational success for this man will most likely cripple his offspring, is the genius behind the slave systemics of American society. The most common outcome for the sons of successful professional class Americans is not opiate addiction and ennui, which is #2, but simple effeminate, feeble-willed, loneliness and sterility, a polite sloth born of ease and the born and bred slave race's unthinking and unending search for honor in work and safety in remoteness from the set of power. Recall, that as Varg said in his talk on "The America Boat" that my ancestors were the losers, the poor, the conquered, the betrayed—often sold by their own parents and usually by their traitor king as well—who were literally discarded as "waste men," "white trash," intended to fertilize the lands where they were planted, in order to generate a tax base for the European master class who moved their operations here, further away from Islam. Except for brief periods under Presidents Jackson and Lincoln, America has remained the slave farm for European banking houses, and here we remain, your hated chattel, where we will be hunted to extinction by your Third World Hounds and your Global War Machine, which has most of its hardware and manpower conveniently built, manned, managed and launched from here.]
Am 26.11.2020 um 05:23 schrieb James LaFond:

Take care over there, Young Sir.
Thanksgiving has been cancelled for my family in America.
I will walk to the 7-11 tonight and buy a few beers and hopefully have a serene skanksgiving. Anarchists were looting within a mile of here last night.
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Gwydion the Wose     Nov 28, 2020

I never knew of the mills and mines as big money jobs. It was just better than scraping a living out of the rocks and red clay. That sorta work has always been dirty and dangerous and half the time cause of the company and not what your doing. Ill let Pete and Patty sing me out....
James     Nov 30, 2020

Thanks for the music links.
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