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American Manor Location
Teutonic Fist asks about David Graeber's Theory
Sun, Nov 29, 10:14 PM (3 days ago)
I heard the recently passed on anarchist antropologist David Graeber speak once about how the Mansion neighbourhoods where the industrialists of the gilded age lived where all build along the roads to close by military bases because the uprising of the urban wasteman was a real possibility at any time. Know anything about that?
-Teutonic Fist

Thanks for this sir. I don't know anything about it. I do know that in Maryland, outside of Baltimore, that the military bases were and remain near the areas that traditionally held the summer retreats of the urban elite and the mansions of the rural and suburban patrician class.
I will attempt a survey of Chicago, New York and Philadelphia to seek corollary patterns. Large industrial era cities with their infestation of necessary working ethnic Europeans, were very dangerous places for the elite and were not easily cowed. With the labor unions and criminal syndicates often having as much effective force at their disposal as the police, a manorial retreat to areas near military bases would be a no-brainer. Ultimately, the solution was to import ebony populations to attack the ethnic workers, and beef up the police to arrest any ethnic workers who might fight back [as was done in Patterson Park, Baltimore in 1968 and all through my life, police mainly purposed with punishing successful defenders] than the dream of urban space free of waste men could be achieved. Now only 12% of people in Baltimore are male yetis, when in the age you refer to that was about 48%
It is a fact that police during the Late 1900s were largely as beholding to, and as often in the service of industrialists, as police today are enthralled to the bankers and InfoTech giants through the media and political priesthoods. Ultimately, as we know, police never have the numbers or grit to deal with true mass violence. To a large degree the insertion of military forces to quell riots in Baltimore in 1968 and 2015 was only done to prevent elite enclaves in and out of the city from suffering the fate of the working class people which the mobs were purging for the elite.
This past summer, it was notable that security measures at the Chicago Union Station, with some millions of residents and active rioting and looting, were exclusively police and numbered only 10, while in less populous Denver, that train station was guarded by 14 private contractors, with a mix of military and police backgrounds. That is an elite area, and, again, packed with mansions and the rarified Estes Park and such elite retreats, is a region that is home to America's premier military forces, the air forces.
I wonder if this is just high ground instinct, shared by criminals who hate living on the ground floor in big city apartments, military planners and the elite, who are super criminals; all of these parties naturally seeking a lair with a high vantage from whence they might commit their myriad misdeeds like the barons of Medieval Europe?
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PeregrineDec 2, 2020

Towards the survey, NY: Camp Mills, search term suggestion: ‘garden city ny wwI camp’
responds:Dec 2, 2020

Thank you!
Don QuotaysDec 4, 2020

In many cities which grew up during the industrial age, the elite neighborhoods are located upwind of the industry areas.
responds:Dec 4, 2020

Dundalk, the working class area I lived and worked in for a few years is downwind of Sparrow's Point sewage plant and the elite live upwind.
New LedfordDec 5, 2020

In the 20th century's first half, the upper class would well know and remember the Battle of Blair Mountain during the West Virginia Coal Wars. Also the Bonus Army of 1932. Folk memories persist among elites, just as they do in the lower classes.
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