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'Throwing Hands'
Big C and James Discuss the Heroes of the Ring
© 2020 James LaFond
commented on Into the Hollow Soul Dec-9-2020 8:08 PM UTC
Mr. Lafond,
As a fellow gentleman who engages in the ancient art of “Throwing Hands” I must ask you who your favorite boxer or boxers are. I personally have to pick Joe Frazier on account of his borderline insane levels of courage as well as his sheer energy.
Big C

Big C, I only follow boxing on You Tube, as history at this point so can not be fair to the current crop of fighters.
Below is an off the top of my head list of bests in my book.
Let's start with heavyweights, with my personal favorites, all based on heroism:
-3. Tex Cobb
-2. Joe Frazier
-1. Evander Holyfield
Champ: Rocky Marciano
Heavyweights based on skill:
-3. Sam Lanford #3 all time KO king
-2. Joe Louis
-1. Jack Johnson
Champ: Tyson Fury
Lightheavy: all also fighting heavies
-3. Young Stribbling #2 all time KO king
-2. Archie Moore #1 all time KO King
-1. Ezzard Charles
Champ: Gene Tunney, won heavyweight title as well
-3. Stanley Ketchel
-2. Tony Zale
-1. Ray Robinson #4 in KOs
Champ: Marvin Haggler
-3. Roberto Duran
-2. Floyd Mayweather
-1. Thomas Hearnes and Ray Leonard even
Champ: Ray Robinson #4 in KOs
-3. Benny Leonard
-2. Lomanchenko
-1. Roberto Duran
Champ: Joe Gans, also on top 10 KO list
Lighter Weights
-3. George KO Chaney
-2. Sandy Saddler
-1. Jimmy Wilde, also on top 10 KO list
Champ: Willie Pep
-1-3 in the lighter weights list hit harder for their weight than any body else on this list.
-Pep is the best defensive fighter on this entire list, Duran being 2nd and Robinson 3rd.
-The most heroic fighter on the list is Zale.
-The best all around fighter over numerous weight classes is Ray Robinson
As a kid, Frazier was my favorite heavyweight and Duran my favorite small guy. As an older fan, I liked Holyfield and Haggler more for their versatility and the high percentage of wars they were in with evenly matched men.

To check the numbers try my book on the best 144 [I think] boxers of all time, for only $3.
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