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The Last Pirate
How Can a Listener Get Invited Onto the Crackpot Podcast?
© 2020 James LaFond
The following twatter post was sent to me by Lynn today by “the last pirate”:
“In need to come clean. A secret purpose of my account is to get enough followers to get invited on the Crackpot Podcast to talk boxing, Robert E. Howard and military stuff with James.”
2:25 P.M. December 15, 2020

Lynn answered that she would run this by me, so here it goes.
I have no technical aptitude, nor desire to record audio and was only able to skype with Mom the other day because Saint Lynn patched us in.
When we did do podcasts, we only invited guests that were less well known than we. So your stature amongst the multitudes would not have been a factor, except to say I won’t talk to people like North, Calderone, Rogan, etc., precisely because I am trying to remain little known and unpopular so as not to get erased by the Beast.
The exception to the above rule was Nick from Myth 20, since those fellows have been so kind to me and Lloyd, because he could easily kick my ass and didn’t when we met in person.
The main qualification for a guest was that they were a listener who wished to be on the Crackpot Podcast, so, Scurvy Sir, you qualify in your piratical way.
There are only two more barriers to more Crackpot Podcasts:
-1. I will never produce or record audio, because I hate my voice and I’m a retard.
-2. I have asked Lynn to stop producing the podcasts, because doing one of these takes more time than editing and publishing any one of the 54 books she has on her to-do list. With Lynn’s increased shamdemic-based domestic workload, if we resumed podcasts there would be no more Crackpot Books, and podcasting was only a thing we did to promote books. There is also the threat to Lynn, of being attacked someway, once the Crackpot Podcasts become an audio refugee camp for the followers of deplatformed wrongthinkers and badspeakers. After we hit 500 subscribers I decided to stop putting her privacy and safety at risk. Also, The Lady deserves some money for all of this free work she has done for us over 4 years. So all books published in 2021 will be hardback exclusives for which she owns the rights. I get PDF and paperback royalties and she gets epub and hardback money. So any podcast she produced in 2021 would eliminate 1/6th of her earnings on the year and reduce her residual income as well.
So, keeping in mind that many people have asked me personally and electronically to “not close the door” on possible future podcasts, what could I do to atone for disappointing listeners who somehow enjoy listening to my retarded ass make Lynn cry by laughing about some horrible event?
I suppose that the Crackpot Podcast is a brand of sorts. So, let’s just throw it out there. You can skype me, or me and Lynn, record our discussion and post it on the platform of your choice as a Crackpot Podcast. You can even put it behind a paywall if you wish. Hell, I’d rather not be associated with an asshole like me anymore and would be glad to hand that steaming brand off to a hardier soul. Then send me the link and I will promote your podcast on this site.
For those of you who do not wish to get doxed and hounded to the ends of the internet by the Beast for talking to some brain-damaged crackpot, you can always tune into Incognegro’s Hobo History, or request that the Myth of the 20th Century crew interrogate me.
Thanks for the kind words, last pirate.
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Rod Goring     Dec 17, 2020

After listening to the catalog of Crackpot podcasts, I thought that a guest either had to have been in prison or had to have stabbed someone (or preferrably both!). Rod
James     Dec 19, 2020

Yes, violent actors go to the head of the line!
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