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‘Stalking the Mass Mind’
The Human Mind as a Battlespace
© 2020 James LaFond
James, such a reality as described in these radio interviews, since it is designed to demoralize those people who can see behind the lie, how do you deal with that, how do you keep from getting demoralized by the fact that very few people will ever be able to see the world for what it is, will ever be able to see the world you see?”
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Banjo, I was being stalked today—a younger, shorter man saw me a block behind him, cut into a side street, waited for me to pass, then followed me. I then waited for him to catch up with me after he followed me for 3 blocks and I turned down a side street. He stopped, regarded me eye fucking him, and kept walking on the main drag. Then, after I got to the porch of the house I am living behind, he had reversed course and come down the street after me. Again, I was waiting and he changed course again and went back to the main street.
I dealt with this stuff hundreds of times over 40 years in Baltimore, and this afternoon in rainy Portland it was all in a day’s survival. It angered me slightly and fed me with the urge to kill—and I was and am now and always armed to kill, not to defend, with my one iron fang. I do not think this was anything more than an attempt at opportunistic predation, so I was not and am not upset. The reason is that I was only one of two live souls out there today: this jackal and me, both of us predators, the rest living beings in my field of view, nothing but cattle, most stampeding along predictable lanes in big metal boxes on wheels. The domesticated mind is not capable of remaining sane unless it believes the rulering entity cares for it. The predator knows the world is dedicated to his demise and thrives. Be, in your mind at least, a predator, a sorcerer, or coyote—the trickster. In Baltimore I always viewed myself as an old lame leopard among clans of hyenas [thugs] and prides of lions[ PIGs.]
This printed information is highly believable and I do not question it in any detail. I cannot listen to the bitchute videos—my computer will not work for this. I suppose my handlers disapprove of that network. One overlooked aspect of gang-stalking, is that the government accomplishes most of it by placing criminal populations among the productive population, so that the more industrious folk will be good slaves, stay indoors and at work and continue to yield their psychic wool to the Master’s sheers even as they shiver in the pen, afraid of the wolves without and dogs within, both predators being the ally of the evil shepherd. It is the wolf that convinced the sheep to flock in the long ago and the dog is only his surrogate and imitator. Like the pirates and vagabonds, highwaymen and renegades of long ago, the only freedom for the soul is to place your mind in the place that your fangs are ever ready to tear the throat from your prey and attacker and your mind as sharp to outwit your hunters.
The work of Arnold J. Toynbee, historian has always been excellent. The documentary linked below is chilling and, to my addled mind, quite obvious. I have known since I was about five-years-old that my parents and fellows had been subject to mind control at the hands of unseen forces, which I came to understand by age 12, resided in news print and on the TV screen.
One thing to keep in mind, is that hypnotic mind control used by the media and their Creep State masters, does not work on psychopaths. The good news is that if you are a psychopath, you have a chance of maintaining your own psychic agency. An ex-girlfriend of mine claimed for our entire five-year relationship, that I only had “peace-of-mind” because I was a psychopath. I do not think I am a psycho. Rather, I content that I am simply retarded and my damaged brain is immune to didactic and seductive attempts to condition it.
Do note that sensory deprivation was found to be key to detaching the human mind from reality and leaving it open to reprogramming, I was simply a distillation and acceleration of Civilization, which is a condition that gradually deprives us of contact with reality. I think that the Shamdemic Kwaranteen is a method of reprograming the collective American mind along systemic lines, a way towards the hive, the Holy Grail of social science, turning us into social insects.
The reason for letting this information out is to strike the rare aware minds with a realization that they are helpless and alone at the foot of their evil overlord, Leviathan, a millions-villain mind of government, corporate and academic evildoers directing the vast collective mob in its self-destructive antics and that there is no way out of the mad house—alive.
When this vile realm of sorrow finally kills us, and it will, we will finally be free.
Notes on the YouTube Video
In the 60% mark of the video, the documentary plunges into the racial guilt pit and describes how the brain butchers DelGado and Irving suggested operating on the diseased brains of black ghetto leaders of 1968, claiming that violence was a sign of brain disease unless it was government-sanctioned. However, all but one piece of footage from the experimental archives, shows that the involuntary and unethical brain experiments on prisoners were conducted on “white trash” inmates. The single most chilling event, referenced in Alex Constantine’s Psychic Dictatorship in the U. S. A., demonstrated how an engineer who was suspicious of his wife cheating on him, was committed for brain surgery at the request of his wife, hauled off by the Veterans Administration goon squad, and had his brain butchered by said fiends, and then the bitch divorced his brain-maimed remnant. Interestingly, Uncle Joseph Stalin seems to have had one quality—he rejected brain science. However, the year after his death, at the height of the so-called Cold War, American brain butcher scientists visited their counterparts in the Moscow…
Oh, in my own defense, the video shows that a conference of brain butchers was held at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland in the 1950s—well, in 2004 I worked a corner at a boxing match at that same facility, and hereby testify, that though three of my four fighters were KO’d, one knocked out of his shoes, that I had trained none of them and that they received no more brain damage with me in their corner than if Eddie Futch had been stewarding them up the pugilistic meat chute…
The co-ed team of documentarians expose, through hours of stock footage from the “Gee-Whiz” age of scientific progress, how the scientific community, primarily in service to the Deep State and military, framed the human mind as a goal-seeking device and conceived of mental health and hygiene as nothing more than mass mind manipulation in service to “One World” government. The goals from the beginning were explicitly cybernetic, originally expressed as a desire to sync human operators and anti-aircraft artillery into a combatable operating linkage. By the late 1940s the goal was to develop an internet that would permit the simultaneous function and programming of computers and humans.
Guilt be gone, we were fucked since before I was born.
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