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Razor Deployment: Increase Mather XXI Asks the Crackpot about Carrying Razors for Survival
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Increase Mather XXI commented on 'to beat this thread to death' Dec-17-2020 9:44 AM UTC
Next move would be a lapel knife, lol. You've redefined "heavy metal" for sure.
By razor I assume you mean straight razor. Did you keep it behind your belt with some clip, or just the tightness of the belt holding it in place (sash style!)?

I used different kind of razors in different ways.
The following were the types and carry and deployment methods.
Straight razors were the rarest. I only carried two of these, both in a coat pocket. I had one in my right hand while being harassed by a seated cup on Riverside in South Baltimore. I could have cut his throat—it was Y2K eve. The straight razor is aligned with the first finger, the handle in the palm and the blade spine against the finger with the joint under the knuckle. Slicing faces and throats and long slices to the writs are the best options.
I usually carried a flat, simple slide box cutter in my back right pocket. This would be slid out in the palm and then the razor front pushed out by pressing the palm against the butt. the 1/4 inch blade would then cut from between the thumb and forefinger as in opening a box. My friend Spider and two hos I knew used such blades in long forefinger slices like a straight razor while in the grapple.
A safety cutter, with the same long half-inch razor tip of the utility razor was my normal razor for 20 years. I removed the safety guard and wore it tucked behind my belt buckle so it could be seen. I had a very quick draw with this, as I deployed it between 200 and 800 times per night. This was a nasty razor I used defensively a few times. The knob that was used to push the slide with the thumb and expose the razor for cutting, latched onto the inside of my belt buckle.
My least favorite razor was the utility knife, which had such a fat body that it was only good for carrying in coat pockets, but was easily deployed with the thumb slide and had a wicked long razor.
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