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Under the Eye of Sauron
© 2020 James LaFond
I have been uploading 4 books a week into a Print on Demand platform which has, in the past, “held” and “suppressed” and otherwise refused to publish 4 of my books. That total is now to 6 books banned by this platform in its increasingly soft manner. What began as suppressed, and then softened to hold, is now a perpetual state of review.
This is actually ingenious, as the platform can deny publication without being guilty of censorship and is an expansion of the earlier policy that prohibits any employees working for the platform to answer any questions I have about why this book cannot be published.
I will not name these titles.
According to a standing agreement with my Editor and Publisher, they now belong to her, to publish alongside the other 4 banned titles.
Making a fuss and publishing reports of this evolving system of information control and suppression, will only serve to sharpen its methods.
Thanks for your support.
If you want a pdf of either of these two banned titles, written in July 2020, email me at ϳаmeslа at gmа
'Techno Corporate State?'
author's notebook
Soliloquy 2020 Completed
the first boxers
let the world fend for itself
logic of force
book of nightmares
riding the nightmare
Gil     Dec 23, 2020

About as good as a place as any, so I'll post it here.

Im reading Apocalisp and had a laugh out loud moment, when you described a dream you had dealing with people on the #9 bus, who then changed into EMTs, which connected back to the inital subject of the chapter.

Pretty nifty writing, James! Thanks again.
    Dec 23, 2020

Thanks, Gil.
Gil     Dec 23, 2020

In The Shallows of Night, Yeti asks you a question that I'm sure all your readers would ask. You reply that you wont try to answer it since you"are a selfish little misanthrope."

I might be wrong but that clicked with me and the cover/message of Taboo You. One could call Samson the same.
    Dec 23, 2020

All have to look that question up. Maybe I'll answer it.

Thanks, Gil.
Ruben     Dec 24, 2020

Apocalisp...................LOL...........I'm dying. Happy consumer holiday!
    Dec 25, 2020

As long as we don't lisp, we are survivors!
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