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Who Writes the Songs of Night
Night Song of the Nords and a Trilogy of Reverent Chandler, Malediction Song and Night Song of the Nords are in Print
My most popular fiction, with 12 copies sold world wide, Reverent Chandler, has now become a complete trilogy. The details are below.
Thanks to Lynn, and to the handful of others who wanted be to complete this.

Lynn Lockhart
Fri, Dec 25, 7:25 PM (8 hours ago)
Night Song of the Nords as well as Who Writes the Song of Night.
Night Song of the Nords
Or Eye of the Dictor
Dust Cover
In this sequel to Reverent Chandler, the forces of the Universal Church who extinguished the Cumber Clans, Sark Clans and Nord Clans in a post-apocalyptic North America, set their sights on the Night Clans, the last indigenous survivors of a post-national ice age to avoid the pious scythe of globalism.

Omnibus Trilogy: Reverent Chandler, Malediction Song & Night Song of the Nords
Reverent Chandler: The Saga of Fend—2015
Malediction Song: Rise of the Nords: The Prequel to Reverent Chandler and Night Song of the Nords—2017
Night Song of the Nords: Or the Eye of the Dictor—2020
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