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Action over Possession
© 2021 James LaFond
My friend who moved to Montana was here for a doctor appointment today. We met them in the parking lot so the kids could visit and we could chat. She talked about how she can open carry her pistol in Montana but as we were talking, a woman came around with her off leash pit bull, and I was the one who stepped between the dog and the children, grabbed the dog by the collar and pulled it towards its owner. The dog didn't seem to mind and all was well.
You have taught me a lot and made me a better mom. I am very grateful to you.
-Mother Interior
The American way, is to look at a shrub that would take 3 minutes to hack down with a machete and go and get the electric tree-killer. Then he will find that there is a need for an extension cord, and will not even get going on the job until long after it could have been done by hand.
Gun culture is the same.
An American sees a menacing man coming for him on his porch from a stopped car and goes inside to get a gun, which must be found, accessed, checked, safety switched off—whatever. In the same amount of time he could have stepped from his porch with beer bottle in hand and smashed it into the intruder’s face and then began jumping up and down on his ankles, and then grabbed an edging brick and caved in his head—long before he would have ever laid hand on his gun.
Tools are great.
They have made us what we are in many good ways.
But in being limited to mechanistic thinking and being incapable of action without our props, it has diminished us.
I’m so proud of our female reader here.
Thank you.
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LaMano     Jan 12, 2021

I am 100% fully in favor of the course of bare-handed, weapon-of-convenience, do-what-you-gotta-do you suggestion here, and which Mother Interior implemented.

And if I could get a coach to show me HOW, and demonstrate how it works, and practice with me, I'd feel much more confident about my interface with a declining world.

Howsomever, since that doesn't appear to be in the cards in my autumn years, I take a different tack. I have not left my bedroom (where I dress) since December 1999 without a pistol on my hip. I carry it my house, I carry it into post offices, I carry it to church, I carry it everywhere except past a metal detector in an airport or courthouse. (In our courthouse, the deputies will hold it for you until you come out).

I train regularly, and I can draw and get two shots on target in about 2.2 seconds. Other people are much faster, but since I have 7 different pistols that I carry depending on the degree of concealment needed for the day, how hard I want to hit (in bear country, for example, I carry a heavier gun), how I'm dressed (summer is different from winter), I haven't perfected my draw-and-on-target with a single pistol like some folks.

Still better than running to the gun safe from your porch to get one out and on target, though.

But not as good as having the confidence to defend yourself with your hands and a stick.
Don Quotays     Jan 17, 2021

La Mano, you are not a gun owner, you are a gunman.

Because of my employment I carry a knife the same way.

Training wise, you are better than 95%, and the remaing 5% are not the problem.
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