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Harm City to Chicongo
Finally in Print as an Overton Railroad Draft
Some other books from this period, in the Harm City genre, will await the editor's dainty attention, these being WrongThink Sink, Within the Reduction Engine, Woke Devil, Vagabond Mind and Autumn in a Dying City, my first of four books to be banned.

Harm City 2 Chicongo: Tracking Urban Blight: 1/18 to 5/18 Paperback – January 15, 2021 by James LaFond (Author)
The Violence Surfer, James LaFond, forced to move from the imploding city of Baltimore in search of cheaper rent, has found it, in the adjacent suburb where the Federal Government has mandated the resettlement of fatherless youth from the most violent hoods in Baltimore. If you live near a crumbling metropolis, Harm City 2 Chicongo provides scores of real life anecdotes and sardonic analysis of the crime wave headed your way.
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