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‘Preventing Misinformation’
Science-Fiction Notes on Life in Polytheistic America
© 2021 James LaFond
I opened my computer, with no intention of getting online, and was hit with an ad through the skype popup, titled ‘Preventing Misinformation’ from The thumbnail showed a feminine or sissy hand holding a smartphone in the Attitude of Supplicant to the God of Things. I understand that Christians have a much shorter name for that earthly ruler, known to other faiths as The Deceiver.
The old Soviet idea of misinformation, of poisonous information and opinion that should not be permitted consideration by the slave mind, has been being pushed hard since the Fruit of the Deceiver ripened suddenly in 2016.
Most Americans, religious and otherwise, see themselves as residing in a society of science, and reason, not religion. Most Americans especially see religion as monotheistic worship of one God and struggle against an inferior antigod, with attendant powers such as angels and devils and demons and in some cases saints, arrayed in a cosmic struggle. This view, if you share it, is not monotheistic, but polytheistic. In the overtly heathen and pagan theology, now reviled as childishly polytheistic, was only so at the folk level, among the hysterical masses and idiot mobs of the demos and the plebes. From the Unmoved Mover and Cause Uncaused of Aristotle, to ‘Jove Eternal, the sower and reaper of gods and men,’ the Christian ideal of lesser supra-human beings, such as angels, or Satan causing mischief for men in concord and in conflict with an ultimate God was pre-patterned in antiquity.
The understanding of the ancients was not one of “this God fake” and “my God real,” as exists now between many Muslims and Christians, but a generally vague idea of “powers” beyond human understanding which affected human life, consciously, unconsciously, benignly and malevolently.
A famous science-fiction dictum from the Golden Age of the Gee Whiz Era was “science sufficiently advanced is effectively magic.” This dictum has generally been applied in later works, such as Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun, to far future settings, dealing with remnant technology.
However, we are already there, already in a post-scientific world which believes itself to be both scientific and post-theistic. Currently, among a population which has never had a high understanding of science as a process, and is increasingly scientifically illiterate, we are TOLD to “follow the science” not use science to investigate reality, but see reality through the lens of unquestionable belief that science [something we are told that we cannot understand but must obey] not only has all the answers, but is not a method at all, but a state of Human Omniscience understood only by a certified class of scientists. That is our current society and is also a dictionary-worthy description of a Faith and its priesthood.
In current terms, theists practice more science than those who follow science, abandoning the scientific method at which point it collides with faith. But the people “following the science,” are actors in pure faith and superstition.
Atheism is an excellent starting point for fanatical religious faith, because its keystone argument is the absolute belief that there cannot possibly be a Higher Power than man, other than unintelligent random and cyclic powers of “nature.” The belief in a negative takes enormous faith in the believer for the powers of those who proclaim that there can be no Omniscience outside of Humanity. This is pure genius, as the desire by most humans to belief in an Omniscient presence, is then transferred to The State or a greater human System.
Our current cosmology is not much different from that of the Aztecs and the Sumerians before them, and the Hellenes and Romans, who worshiped multiple cults, through sacrifice and even wearing of masks.
These cults of Prosperity—the venerable worship of economics and economy of scale at all human costs by Americans—it’s nemesis cult of Environmentalism, the ascendant cults of Ebony Martyrdom and Mediademic Disease, and the various iterations of demographic self-worship and hatred—the numerous “isms” of modern ideology still hanging on in various forms and degrees. In such a world, with its core cult being prosperity worship, the loss of economic sustainability, of a job for instance is ALMOST the equivalent of banishment in the ancient world, which was regarded as a death sentence. To make doxing the actual equivalent of ancient banishment, all we have to do is deny health insurance and judicial protections to the impious.
Impiety against the most virulent cults of Plague and the Master Race will already deny rights to peacefully disagree without being put to death by the mob that the PIGs herd you into. Will failure to kwarenteen or get a vaxaleen be cause to deny medical treatment in the future?
If this happens, then we have clearly returned to a realm of pure superstition, and in such a science-haunted realm doxing and poxing will be death sentences.
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