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Not Getting Punched
A Man Question from Adam
© 2014 James LaFond
Adam just sent me the following video link and the following e-mail message.
Hey there James! Still working two jobs. Stumbled upon this video and I wanted to get your thoughts on it. I see some solid basics from this guy, the younger (fitter) challengers actually lay a little leather on his chin, but otherwise I was extremely impressed.
Take care always,
Thanks for the heads up Adam.
I have seen this video before and just watched it again.
The square-headed target uses a combination of skill, distance, and youthful athleticism to avoid damage.
The distance might not always be a possibility in close quarters or in spontaneous attacks.
The youth and athleticism go, and in that order, eventually.
What impressed me the most were those times when the demonstrator used the open checking hand to touch the puncher. To improve this drill one need only make that the reference point. Get two guys gloved up. One punches. When a puncher has thrown five shots and has not been touched on glove [not a block or parry but by a static measure which gives up initiative], shoulder, or hip by the other guy, switch up and reverse roles.
To really make it better slow it down and take the ego out, then speed it up on occasion. Do drills where the puncher has the goal of avoiding being touched, and when he gets touched, the other guy becomes the puncher. We call this the ‘mugging’ drill.
Also, note that puncher #1 is the most skilled, but that puncher #2 scores more, because he has aggressive instincts.
Also, the main reason why guys that do this don’t get hurt, is because they are not throwing, so, when they get hit, they aren’t amplifying the impact. This is a solid argument for passive open hand defense against punching attacks. If this guy just slapped and speared the eyes with his fingers the punchers would be in deep trouble. He reminds me of Alex from Loch Raven Boxing.
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