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Submitted on January 6, 2018
Finally taken off the Hit List on 1/25/21
When these two books, that had been listing for inflated as used books, for a decade after going out of print, and which came back into my possession with the closing of Paladin Press and were my highest-earning books, were "suppressed" then put "on hold" by the POD platform, my income went from $300 to $225 a month. With the lowest room rent in Harm City being $200 a month, I decided to live out of a backpack nationwide rather than in the city of my birth.
I have since found kindness across the land and should thank those who originally banned these two books as punishment for writing Plantation America books, for they set me on a good path.
Now, miraculously, for reasons unknown and unstated, just as the reasons for the initial bans were unknown and unstated, as of January 21 2021, the two suppressed book listings on the back end were manually removed by someone. The two other suppressed book listings: Autumn in a Dying City and Barbarism versus Civilization, remain suppressed.
POD Back end listings:

Barbarism vs. Civilization By James LaFond
Last modified on September 24, 2018
[The modification in September was changing the June "Suppressed" listing to "ON HOLD", a change which followed my article on the fact that two of my books were ON HOLD and two suppressed and that the platform should use the less innocuous designation. This book is available as a hardback from Lynn at the link below.]

Autumn in a Dying City: Letters fro... By James LaFond
Last modified on September 24, 2018

This is further proof to me that I was actually censured as a punishment, as I had been somehow lumped in with folks who give a shit about this shithole nation. Thank you for correcting this misinterpretation. I am nothing but an observer to the Mortal Comedy.
My niece had immediately re-uploaded fresh copies of these books on June 6 2018 as experimental drafts, to see if the censor was inside the platform or outside the platform. When those listings remained, even after someone from outside the platform ordered that the suppressed titles be "suppressed," I realized that the folks working within the platform were not thrilled with their censorship duties, were not themselves crusaders. Now that some one has acted to remove the suppressed listings, for once suppressed or blocked or put on hold, I, the author, cannot delete these, as the text remains captive, I take this as a green light.
So, for now, unless taken down again, The Logic of Steel is available for $50 and the Fighting Edge is available for $25. The best value is The Violence Project, which combines both titles for $60, with additional material and corrections.
I was shocked at this discovery and jumped at the chance to kill the used book sales on The Logic of Steel which run over $100 for books which I made little [.53 cents a copy] or no initial money on, like the copy that was given to Lynn Thompson, who probably hawked it for a thousand with his signature on it.
These books were authorized in record-breaking time yesterday, 1/24/21, immediately, which in my experience has been generally 30 hours, not three, and the platform states a period of 24-72 hours for approval. They carry the date that my niece uploaded them as an experiment in 2018.
My skids have been greased, by whom I know not.
But thank you.
Note, if you check my site archive for summer of 2018, you will find articles with suppressed and hold notices placed on these two books for unexplained reasons, even after they had been up for sale for 18 years and 17 years respectively on that same platform.
The more than 10, mostly excellent reviews, of The Logic of Steel seem to have been deleted. The Fighting Edge, which received bad reviews, still has those attached to the listing.
The Logic of Steel Paperback – January 6, 2018 by James LaFond (Author)
The Fighting Edge Paperback – January 6, 2018 by James LaFond (Author)
The Violence Project: Fist to Blade Paperback – August 14, 2018 by James LaFond (Author)
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InvisigothMTJan 25, 2021

I recommended Logic of Steel to a friend of mine and they acted really odd. I looked at the price and saw those $200+ listings and was happy that I had a copy
ncJan 26, 2021

I own a copy of Barbarism versus Civilization. Bought it right after the Mot20C pod cast. Came from Lulu fairly quick, IIRC. Good read, still need to get it back from my eldest.
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