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More Bad thoughts in Print from the Crackpot Suppression Archive
© 2021 James LaFond
The banned book Autumn in a Dying City was “suppressed” in February 2017. Create Space employees were not allowed to talk to me about it.
Then, in November 2017, after Kindle took over Create Space and changed designations to On Hold, on my recommendation, someone asked me for a copy of the book. So I uploaded it as Field Notes 1, so I could send it out as a draft after a direct payment.
Last night, as I looked at Autumn in A Dying City still being “on hold” the new Kindle select designation for thought prison, and saw Field Notes 1 next to it, I thought, “I wonder if this got banned on content, through an automated screening process, or because of an external demand from outside the platform.”
Its content was no different than dozens of other Harm City titles and the screening for bad thoughts has gotten thrice as rigorous in the intervening four years. So I thought that surely it would be netted by the bought thought detectives.
So I clicked to go Live last night, and it went through immediately—the Sleaze got the greasy wheel again.
Now, this book has the dustcover and title inside of its bland shell and is the very same book. However, it was not edited by Dear Miss Lockhart, so stands as an inferior end product until she gets around to publishing it.
But, now as every city in America is also a dying city, simply awaiting the winter of mass population replacement and medical-police-state kwaranteen enslavement, Field Notes 1 might turn out to have been a good title after all, as your town becomes 2016 Baltimore.
Note that through a glitch in the censorship process, that Autumn in a Dying City made it as a kindle ebook, as I was uploading the kindle while the print book was being banned. So if you like ebooks grab that version or email me for my pdf.
In retrospect, I’d like to dedicate this release to Orange Man, who, possibly, by walking away from a stolen throne, took the heat off of counter-culture weirdos and did something far more important than building a wall, in letting me make $5 to buy a six-pack of cheap light beer, because each brain cell of mine that is killed is more important than the life of any person that might come to collect welfare in the land of the Wee and the home of the Knave.
Thanks, Bro!
Field Notes 1: Draft Paperback
• Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 20, 2017)
• Language : English
• Paperback : 460 pages
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