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Myth of the 20th Century
Nick Mason, Hans Lander, Adam Smith and James Discuss a Book that Got the Author Killed
© 2021 James LaFond
Myth20c - Episode 203
Adam Smith
Tue, Jan 26, 10:15 PM (3 hours ago)

I've done a lot of podcasts as talent, not as podcaster.
At some point in this episode I read Adam Smith's question on honor halfway through and stepped on him with my response. I feel bad for that, because Adam is the best audio jokey out there. He researches phrases I say and turns them into links, curates chaos into pathos and puts up with Nick and I being nut-jobs and Hans and Hank being big-brained nimbus Jonas and Enoch visitations of assessment.
Thank you, Adam.
I was embarrassed that after writing Blue Eyed Daughter of Zeus three weeks before this recording, that I had forgotten virtually everything I had written about Rosenberg' book, which got him killed.
Thank you all.
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Dave Wheeler     Jan 28, 2021

Hey James - just wanted say how much I've enjoyed listening to you over the last couple of years - in fact I discovered you on a 'Myth' podcast and almost ran off the road because I was laughing so hard and also because it was the first time in a while that I finally heard someone speaking the truth (at least as the way they saw it) - this past episode caused me to download a PDF (am printing it out now for posterity) of Rosenberg's book and dive straight in - my god how prescient and parallel to where we are currently—also love your stuff with Rusty—will be downloading your Plantation series later this week as well—again, thanks for the work you do

Regards - Dave
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