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Fire and Vice Completed
Soliloquy 2021: January
© 2021 James LaFond
At 27,985 words, Fire and Vice represents my non-fiction, non-historical articles written in January 2021. I intend to forgo essays in February as I focus on fiction and history, and any I write will be appended to Ditcher, the novel I am writing in the first week of February, or Cube the novel I’m writing in the second half of that month. This volume will be available as an Overton Railroad draft in February.
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-James, Cascadia, Saturday Afternoon, January 2021
Dust Cover
2021 is, according to the author of this journal, Year One of The Lie, the blink of Time’s galling eye that saw humanity’s final surrender to a soulless system of control peopled by zombie steersmen and gaslighting crusaders for The Lie. Lying has always been a keystone of The State, a necessity of civic governance and geopolitical activity.
According to the brain-damaged author of Soliloquy 2021, a monthly Journal of life in Post-American America, Western Civilization has now achieved an unparalleled imposition of fantasy over actuality, of The Lie over the truth. With utter domestication of the human mind achieved and the science-fiction plots of Huxley, Orwell and Dick finally become reality, what does a living science-fiction writer waning among the gibbering hordes of the lie-fed undead, observe of the post-human condition?
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Uprising Completed 3/1/2021
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