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What if the Germans Won WWII?
A Science-Fiction Backstory Exercise for the World of Rebel Knell and Hurt Stoker #1
I recently fielded this question from a fellow writer. It is such a hard question to answer in one piece. So this will be a three part writing exercise:
-Possibility of Axis Victory
What level of victory was feasible?
-Preconditions necessary for Axis Victory
What historical circumstances could have facilitated Axis Victory?
-Axis-American Cold War
What would the world of Hurt Stoker look like geopolitically?

Before we consider the possibility of Axis victory, we need to consider their goals.
The Italians don’t matter.
The Japanese wanted a great Pacific Rim empire, including Manchuko, Indonesia, Indochina, Philippines, Micronesia, Polynesia and eventually Australia. Only the wildest dreamers thought that the American portions of the rim such as Alaska and California could have been taken. This was a pipe dream. Possible Japanese victory was limited to holding the Home Islands and Manchuko, but only if the Japanese and Germans cooperated in regards to the Soviets, which they utterly failed to do. Such a limited Japanese victory would also key on not attacking American possessions in the Pacific and buying time to deal with the Soviets and Chinese more effectively. A peace treaty with the U.S. would be required to avoid being nuked.
The Germans wanted everything from the Atlantic to the Urals and Caspian Sea and from the Baltic to the Med. They did not want to conquer the world, were anti-colonial regionalists, and were essentially fighting against a global order, not for one. Victory for Germany would mean the defeat of the Soviet Union. Defeat of America, or even England was not possible.
America could not be defeated even if standing alone against all three Axis powers. The industrial supremacy and the exclusive possession of nukes makes America even more powerful relative to its enemies in a post-Soviet world circa 1945, than it was historically at the outbreak of the Cold War. There would even be the possibility of a Chinese alliance to keep the Japs in check.
A German-Japanese defeat of the Soviets might net a German nuke program at about the same time that the Soviets developed theirs historically. However, based on America’s proven thirst for massive bombing of civilian populations, any conventional marginal victory for the Axis would get Tokyo and Berlin nuked. So, any conceivable Axis victory would result in Globo-Homo One World Corporate government very much in line with Orwell’s 1984, by 1950.
So, the only hope for humanity not becoming a corporate hive of gaslit compliance, would have been with the victory of the CSA under Stonewall Jackson in 1863, something I rate as a 1 in 7 possibility, a slim hope, but possible if far from likely.
This will be addressed in Pre-Conditions for Axis Victory: the Science-Fiction Backstory for Hurt Stoker and Rebel Knell.
Hurt Stoker
A Colored Confederate Carney: Part One
Since Stonewall Jackson’s defeat of Meade, and the capture and lynching of Lincoln, The South had, ever so gradually, adapted to modern mores. Since The Negro Bond Act of 1898, The Act of Segregation of 1934, and The Negro Incivility Act of 1971, lynching had become among the rarest of events. Now, on this fine evening, as Dixie Day draws to a close in the sleepy town of Hawthorne Maryland, Whiff Gleason has the misfortune of being waylaid by three Pennsylvania boys in a pickup, intent on asserting their superiority south of the Mason Dixon Line, where they suppose it will be appreciated.
Most men would plead, beg mercy, say prayers to the Lord Above, or whisper a word to The Dear Departed. But not Whiff Gleason. Whiff knows that there is one incontrovertible truth in life: that there is a potential profit to be made from any situation, no matter how bad it might seem. Now all he has to do is figure out how these three rednecks are going to pay for his next French-tailored silk suit.
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JohnnyRifleFeb 7, 2021

@Bruce Lee Marvin Gaye, your assertion regarding that only 25% of US deaths in WW2 resulted from combat is provocative. Can you please expand on how you've come to that conclusion?

Some quick research of sources that broke down US military casualties by cause found this congressional publication ( ), which states that for World War 2:

- "Battle Deaths" accounted for 291,557 deaths

- "Other Deaths" accounted for 113, 882 deaths

With a total death count of 405,399, this would put American battle deaths at 72% of the total deaths in that conflict.
Jeremy BenthamFeb 4, 2021

“The Japanese never actually had a strategy for defeating the vast USA other than to be brave and demoralize the cowardly gaijin.”

-Steve Sailer, Columnist12/04/2019,

“What kind of a people do they (Japan) think we are? Is it possible they do not realise that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they and the world will never forget?”

-Winston Churchill

“I don't see much future for the Americans ... it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities ... my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance ... everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it's half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?”

-"Hitler's Table Talk". Die Bormann Vermerke (The Bormann Notes): Transcripts of Hitler's conversations (5 July 1941 - 30 November 1944),

An interesting thing about Hitler is that while he had no long term plan to conquer America, he was nevertheless obsessed with America as a capitalist and colonialist enemy and was anxious to enter into a war with it (why? To teach America a lesson?). This of course makes no sense because bringing America into the war in Europe by declaring war on it effectively sabotaged Hitler's intent to make Germany the European hegemon. Regardless Hitler didn’t see how a multi-ethnic, “mongrel” country like the USA could hold together in the long term. He imagined it would tear itself apart in a shattering civil war sometime late in the 20th Century (was he just off by a few decades?). Anyway, that was an opinion shared by many Germans at the time. Hitler actually knew little about America. Like “Archie Bunker” he was prone to expressing uninformed opinions about a great many subjects. What Hitler did know about America came largely from watching American movies (Both Hitler and Stalin were voracious consumers of Hollywood’s productions, interestingly enough). Like Kaiser Wilhelm II before him, he thought America an amateurish upstart that had no business thinking it could win a fight against any serious old-world military power. Both Hitler and the Japanese military leadership were completely dismissive of the notion that America had any ability to wage war on a global scale, much less that it possessed the moral fortitude to see a protracted war through to the bitter end. They also discounted how much FDR wanted to get America into WWII. American Journalist and political scientist, Lothrop Stoddard, visited Germany during the winter of 1939-40 (See “Into the Darkness”). He found that most of the German people he met, whether Party members or not, believed even early on that the war was a disaster, a failure of diplomacy, and that Germany probably would not survive as a country if it lost. So once entered into war they were all resolved that they would have to win it or die! Stoddard observed that most Americans at the time thought the German National Socialists were just a bunch of gangsters, mere opportunists who seized on an occasion to gain power and enrich themselves. Stoddard, however, found them to be ‘true believers’ and therefore predicted that the war would likely be fought to the death.
Bruce Lee Marvin GayeFeb 4, 2021

The German people lost the war but the Nazis won....look no further than the U$ goobermint. Churchill & that crippled fucker agreed to bring in the Russians to fight Japan...and then were soon to be flabbergasted that they'd set Stalin in play and the Japs surrendered! You can see the "allied" reasoning....30 million Russians won the European theater by giving up their lives. More would die fighting Nippon but it wasn't to be. Truman made the choice after the gimp gave up the ghost.

After decades of research I have the following statistics for you to game:

Fully 50% of U$ war casualties occurred during training, prior to leaving the states. Equipment failures were responsible for most.

The next 25% occurred in training exercises overseas, in areas adjacent to where actual battles would take place.

The final 25% were actual battle casualty figures....including friendly fire and everything else.

I conclude that all this "Greatest generation" bullshit is exactly that. And they're no better now, in fact, they're worse as we shall see if they decide to take on Iran, Syria, Russia, China, North Korea and everyone, all at once. Hubris is not a good shield. These jive ass mofos can't wait to nuke someone. We are truly Idiocracy now.

We armed Hitler, along with those who shall not be named. Those same Nazis, in our goobermint, now think they have 'Full spectrum dominance' but haven't realized that disappeared at least five years ago.

Hurt Stoker looks absolutely awesome.
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