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Biguns en Lilleuns
The Wonders of the Kinetic World with Lynn Lockhart
[The crackpot answers in brackets, below.]
Lynn Lockhart
Thu, Feb 4, 3:32 PM (4 days ago)
to me
James, I am sending you three links for videos of melanated individuals attacking elderly Asians. I will describe them in case you cannot follow the links. All these incidents occurred in daylight.
The first video shows six Asian women in a small grocery or convenience store. Two are middle aged or younger, behind the counter, and four are elderly and petite shoppers. A young melanated individual is seen entering the shop and making his way towards the counter where he reaches across and over the women and grabs wallets and cash and then flees back where he came. The women appear frightened but uninjured.
[In the near future, this worthy bandit, or the inheritor of his exulted station, will be better served to throw the prettiest bitch over his shoulder and sell her ass. It's about time that young men mature and realize that grabbing the Man's currency, debased as it is, represents short-sighted actionism, when this bitch could be pimped out for years and made to heat up his morning poptarts and mix his grape Koolaid for breakfast. I, tragically, am unable to view the frails to ascertain potential value.]
The second video shows an elderly man walking across a driveway. A melanated individual runs towards him from the street and pushes with both hands into his chest. The elderly man is thrown backwards onto the concrete. The reporter says he later died of the injuries. There was no robbery.
[Read Charles Darwin: On the Origin of Species. I believe he covers this behavior. Look, the purpose for our pallid, sissy races of degenerate, hand-wringing, nail-biting, ankle-grabbing scum is simply to serve as an economic floor, a staircase to mammon if you will, to produce and serve and vote, as we bray, peep, oink, and go "baah" in our stalls and hence provide goods over which the Worthy Warlords of Wakanda might contend in Homeric strife. Thank God that these tiny little folks have stepped into the breech and serve as softer and tastier targets for the wrath of aspiring warlords, than our kind. I'd like to thank that old man for taking one for the sissy team.]
The third video shows an elderly man walking up a sidewalk. A melanated individual walks up from behind and shoves the man on his upper back, slightly lifting and sending the elderly man face first to the ground. The melanated individual continues up the sidewalk. There was no robbery.
[He was obviously in the way and moving too slowly. If you had not oppressed this warrior and taken his car away from him and now use it for recreation, than he would be practicing road rage like my roommate Ben. Instead, due to your raiding of his mutual fund and the taking of his car while he was yet in diapers, he is reduced to such sharing of sidewalks with the pedestrian version of the motorist that every American loves to hate, the little old man, who is so short you can only see his knuckles on the wheel as he does 35 MPH on the interstate—"make way!"]
These attacks and many others are happening in SF and Oakland. The common theme is that elderly Asians are being targeted by oppressed youth.
[The Grey God rises.]
The reporter who covers these stories is a very pretty Asian woman who did a large special report on anti-Asian sentiment around a year ago at the outset of these unprecedented times. However, she tiptoes around the easily observable pattern of these incidents and is sometimes accused of inflammatory or biased reporting by members of the oppressed community.
[I think this young lady—based on her extensive academic qualifications—should be scheduled for an in person interview with the nation's foremost authority on Wakandan Aggression in Urban America. Lynn, I stand ever at the service of "very pretty Asian" women. Until I can get to Oakland and save the almond-eyed day, I suggest that dolls like her, in order to preserve their appeal for me, should herd the elderly and middle aged women across the street as decoys so that the Wakandan Warlords of Later Day Cuckmenistan do not damage any viable incubators.]
Regardless of the larger social implications, what are senior citizens to do? What do they do in Baltimore? I don't see anything they can do besides move in groups with an able bodied escort.
[In Baltimore, they stay inside—for decades, only venturing out on the porch when the mailman comes, or their grandson visits, or the grocer delivers their food.]
Asians and Latinos tend to have a culture (though not perfect) of cherishing their elders, so that I feel that my mother is reasonably safe in her Euro and Mexican American town. This other group seems to see elders of other shades as favored targets. Do you know why that might be?
[These Asian and Latino savages you speak of have not yet evolved to the obedience to the Corporate-Media-State and yet languish in their unliberated squalor, still valuing childish notions like family and decency above Great God Mammon. Lynn, this is very important. You see, the Children of the State, the Sons and Daughters of Mammon, who have no parents to speak of, regard all elderly folk of all races, including their own, as enemies, as an opportunity to pay foster care rape and corrections officer beatings downward, from biguns to lilleuns. The only real important distinction here is combatant and non-combatant, with the latter the slave and rightful chattel of the former. We are finally returning to a rational moral hierarchy of might making right. Thank you for cheering me up. Of course, noncombatants should always caravan under guard when traversing the howling wastes of Inner and Outer Cuckmenistan.]
Now, Dear Lynn, Editorial Angel of the Bored, I am going to take the Colonel's wolf-sized dogs up on the Mountain to bully coyotes, who attack foxes, who eat house cats, who torment sparrows in this carnival of the damned... Yes, they are rocking the camper with their bear-like paws as I write.
Biguns en lilleuns.
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BigCFeb 12, 2021

Dear Mr. Lafond,

I was browsing Youtube and found an interesting video about this sport in Italy called "Calico Storico".  I assume you have probably heard of said game, but in case you haven't, the game consists of 2 teams of 27 homies each trying to score a goal in a net while having the freedom to beat the crap out of each other via kicks, punches, and grappling. 

My question is, would the hypothetical King of America, James Lafond make this the national pastime sport?

P.S. I listened to your podcast on Rusty's Vignettes and I can't wait for "Ghost Snatcher" to come out! 

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