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‘A Shifting Step’
Michael Collins asks about Bareknuckle Instructors
“I watched one of your boxing sparring sessions and I saw how you changed your stance from orthodox to south paw. Is this a shifting step? I want to learn this on my own. It seems like this is super useful for creating angles of attack and avoiding punches, and useful against multiple attackers. You can have both your hands be power punches.”
-Michael Collins

The shift step is a must have for weapon fighting. For boxing it will get you in trouble as often as not unless you are dealing with someone you outclass. I use the shift in boxing for three reasons:
-I train guys that might be dealing with lefties.
-My left shoulder has been shredded since age 27.
-My shoulders are two torn up to throw hooks, so I need shifting to get an angle.
I cover the shift step in The Punishing Art and Twerps, Goons and Meatshields.
“Do you think this guy is legit on his bareknuckle techniques?”
Yes, I have seen this video before and the guy knows what he is talking about.
“What about these guys?”
This guy is an obviously experienced fighter who is showing you gloved boxing fouls. The heel palm punch requires hyper pronation and will damage your elbow and shoulder if you practice it a lot. The raking technique is a good method for cutting with the cuff of the boxing glove. Generally his palm punches are going to hurt the user over a life time of training. I prefer the loose open hand for this for this reason. The inward hammer fist was used by ancient boxers and by Jack Slack, mid 1700s boxing champion, who called it the “chopper.” The spinning hammer fist was popular in the 1870s-90s and was called the pivot punch. The elbow strike mechanics are good for practicing the basics of throwing the hook.
“Carl Cestari”
Carl Cestari was pioneer in reality-based civilian survival.
Okay, this Bert Poe guy, I never heard of, but he scares the shit out of me.
“Was Bruce Lee legit?”
Lee was a brilliant instructor. He had no real combat record. Your combat experience seems to be about 20-times more extensive. I had more fights in my 50s than Lee had in his whole life.
“What are your thoughts on dirty judo?”
As a victim of Judo in some NHB bouts, I have a lot of respect and zero understanding.
“Is systema legit?”
I know nothing about systema.
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