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Dialogue with Richard ‘Farnsworth’ Barrett
Circa 3/3/2021, Answered from a ‘Read Only’ Brothel Patron Email Account
© 2021 James LaFond
Hello James!
I love "Under the God of Things." It could be my new favorite of yours—and that is saying something.
Second, Jericho Bone is up at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning!
And as promised, Epoch of the Far Dawn: Chapter II was written and dropped today!
Let me know what you think!
Richard Barrett

Richard, the Epoch of the Far Dawn is a great read for me, and I would have liked it even more when I was a young guy. Female readers would puke at how often you use lithe and “dark wells” to describe the form and eyes of the girl in the scene—which is to say it is good adventure storytelling. You write more like Robert E. Howard than any current author I am aware of.

Hi James,
I wanted to tell you that "The Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation" is even better than "Under the God of Things" and is now officially my favorite James Lafond book.
Your story about the bus stop and the punk and the old man and the trashcan, and the bus driver saying "We ain't nevva winna another war with that" hit particularly home.
I'll tell you this too...Jack Donovan could not have written this book. Only you could have.
[I disagree, and would change could to would in the above paragraph. Jack knows what sells and cares about that. He is still part of the economy as a writer, while I am a dropout.]
I also want to say thank you for connecting me with Rusty. He is a great guy. You know, he is surprised that you and I are friends even though we believe vastly different things. I gave it a lot of thought, and truth be told, we don't believe vastly different things at all. We believe the same thing. Our differences are only cosmetic.
[Richard, my life is quite lonely enough. If I had a need to only be friends with people who shared my worldview, I would be living in a Wallachian castle, sleeping in an earth-filled coffin and depending for my earthly needs upon wolves, Cossacks and blood-drinking psycho-bitches. I like you humans enough to overlook your utopian proclivities—that godling complex so inimical to your species being part of your appeal. Note: you should probably read Letters from an Extra-Terrestrial Anthropologist]
I figured this out when I read "The Sissy View of Life in Manginastan: Why Women DESTROY Nations, CIVILIZATIONS, and other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS" ( . You and I believe the exact same thing.
[Except that I’d like Odin to rise up with Thor by his side and, wipe out every U.S. Combat division, sink every warship and other wise awaken the Mitgard Serpent with a thirst to drink global cucked humanity by the billions as the Valkyries hunt every police officer and government agent in a ravening feast that will devour even the most fleet…]
The whole thing about going on an adventure because the perimeter is a feminine concept that is not real and defendable—that is the core of my whole philosophy.
[Good, man. I hope that you will be among the few who survive the return of the Old Gods.]
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