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From Wakanda with Love
Circa 3/3/2021, Answered from a ‘Read Only’ Brothel Patron Email Account
Hey james,
Recently there was a shooting of an old muslim man in one of our welfare funded hatcheries. Although this is speculation on my part, I believe it was similar to this incident . It seems to be an initiation to me.
Also on the news was what seemed to be a Somalian saying we need to stop this gun violence, and that it was because we have a separation of the branches of government, essentially advocating for complete federal control. I wonder if he was a fed himself.
One last thing I'd like to mention is something I saw at the homeless shelter beside the government housing where oppressed deal drugs openly. On the corner of the shelter I remember seeing a group of mystery meat kids, and a fat one in the middle holding big wads of cash. Thinking back to it, it made me wonder if these old people they kill from their own community get turned into soil fertilizer to grow weed with or something.
Not only is our government euthanizing the lonely old, but jAMAL and mOHAMMED are didposing of them too. Like some kind of insect with a 2 week life cycle. I never left my moms place, l didn't have the heart too knowing that we're surrounded by niggas and wiggas. I think I'll find some use for her beyond fertilizer for tyrones weed crops.
- Devil Dick

Dear Devil Dick, I quite enjoyed viewing and reviewing the videos of those two Amish imposters pretending to be Wakandan warriors as I drank a pint of Hennessey, bought from the very Korean dame that is now rocking on my knee after closing her old man’s Convenience Store early. She asked me, “You ged νаϲсіոe, sir?”
“No, Baby. I don’t do νаϲсіոes.”
“You wan’ anotha whiskey?”
“Yeah, Baby, that’s my medicine.”
“Oh good—real man medicine—me be you nurse!”
“Good girl—I’ll take a pack of those, the black box, please.”
She smiled, “Oh, store close early—you ‘cross da street?”
Now, this fine lady here, whose name I have never bothered to inquire, assures me that those two thugs are Amish and that the white sweat pants are bulging in the buttocks area due to plastic surgery…
Devil Dick, I think the elder Wakandans serve as metaphysical fertilizer, in other words as an aphrodisiac, wen jAMAL gets a hold of his incubator and seeds it while recounting his heroics in the edifying rap anthem that makes him at once Achilles and Homer…
That said, I’m not really going to respect these guys until they start taking scalps. Yesterday, at Jack London Square, a mystery meat of some noble Wakandan quality approached me to see if he could score some charity. He then asked, concerned about my bedraggled state, how I came to be homeless. When I told him that it was Tuesday, December 11, 2017, about me being the only man on foot for a twelve-mile stretch of Baltimore City and County that was not hunting me, he looked upon me with sadness and said, “That ain’ right , Sir. A man should work for his money—not take from them that works for it.”
I corrected him, “Oh, they were workin’ alright, and when they found out I was going to fight, they let me off out of pity. Those two duded were so big I couldn’t even have gotten to any vitals with my knife before they stomped me out. I regard them as honorable enemies who left me under truce.”
The young fellow then looked down at me over his mask in slack-jawed horror and said, “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but I have to step away. Have a good one.”
That said, more power to those Amish boys dressing up as Wakandans and waging war upon the simps of the System.
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