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Deep Fake App Trap
Banjo Cues the Crackpot on a Paradigm Shift in Social Control Mechanisms: 3/6/21
Hi James,
I've been cogitating on mRNA health devices and the state of the world and have come to some ideas about what is happening. There are "deep fake" apps that are coming into the public sphere that allow a user to create fake videos moving or saying things that the person never said or did. The implications of this are pretty deep when you think about it. Persons in positions of power, especially those in politics got there because they willingly compromised themselves through some illegal act or they were tricked into a blackmailable situation.
So what happens when deepfakes become indistinguishable from actual video and the public is aware of this?
All the dirt that has served powerbrokers becomes useless and another method of control must be implemented.
Here is where the mRNA health devices come in. They are the operating system of the new control grid. Moderna here states clearly that their health device aka vaccine is an operating system.
Here is Microsoft stating that they are in the business of programming living cells.
There is a scientist that has a patent on being able to cause yeast to produce anything from perfume to oil by splicing into the DNA. This may be used for good, to cause the human body to produce needed substances or to increase functions such as strength, memory etc. But of course history tells us that the nefarious uses will take precedent.
I suspect that the introduction of the mRNA health device paves the way for power brokers to target one specific person to either put pressure on in the way of making them sick or to eliminate them. In the book "Operation Mindcontrol" H. Bowart writes a lot about the use of electromagnetic field/microwave fields to affect people but depending on the wavelength used this can inadvertently target everyone in the area instead of this specific person. It seems that the rollout of the mRNA health device before it was tested for [redacted sacred disease] and the admission that these vaccines don't stop the transmission of [redacted sacred disease] but only decrease the symptoms of [redacted sacred disease] should tell us something. What it tells me is that this isn't about [redacted sacred disease], it isn't about communism or destroying the economic order, it is about locking in a health control grid where a person with the operating system uploaded can be turned off at the whim of the power brokers.
This is the answer to what happens when deepfakes make all blackmailable material worthless. A new control grid using the body itself. Now consider this. Two things happened prior to [advent of the sacred disease] that I believe tell us that this hypothesis is correct. The first is that Epstein is arrested and sacrificed to the new order of things. (Maxwell is in jail in Brooklyn and time will tell what happens to her. I doubt she will be sacrificed as the offering has already been made and the signal sent that we are in a new era.) The second is that Assange released his deadman's switch.
I suspect that the timing of this is because if it was released after deepfakes are common to the public then his evidence would also be worthless. That he released it in April of 2019 and Epstein was killed in August of 2019 is critical. He knew what was coming.
[The Dread Minus was released at about the time of the famed pimp’s death.
This video sheds more light on this subject and more.
Take care,

Banjo, I as a mere science-fiction writer, am not qualified to comment on your outrageous conspiracy theory! First of all, as every good American knows, there is no such thing as a conspiracy and that no two people or parties ever conspired to compromise a third party for their mutual benefit. If these things were possible then words like "conspiracy" and "conspire" would be in the dictionary. However, as a bad American but a good science-fiction writer, let me consider your idea as the basis for a short novel.
If there were powerful forces, that somehow, unthinkably, served their own greed and urge to dominate and control instead of the greater good that we know they serve exclusively, what might be some of the signs that medical technology was being elevated to the hub of social control?
-1. The advent of a disease that was used to generate media hysteria out of proportion to its lethality,
-2. The government-sponsored delegitimizing of its police forces,
-3. The heroization of medical functionaries and the elevation of medical authorities to priestly status,
-4. The passing of edicts and laws committing police forces to serve medical directives,
-5. The popularization of gender reassignment surgery and therapies,
Since these things have happened within the past year, what might further support the implementation of such a savvy plan?
-6. The heroization or at least normalization of medical euthanasia,
-7. Creation of a federal medical authority with law enforcement powers,
-8. Effective deputizing of medical personnel to enforce Scientific D
-9. The expansion of federal policing, private security attached to medical facilities,
-10. The exemption of medical entities from civil liability and/or criminal indemnity.
Just some thoughts, in case you wished to write this as a Phillip K. Dick, acid trip collaboration…
Thoughts on the videos:
Microswift’s promotional piece reminds me of my 2009 Sunset Saga plot, in which genetic engineers use the vast population of mortals as a workshop to develop a means by which the New Gods such as Brill Yates, might be reengineered as immortals. However many millions need to be wrecked working out the kinks in this godhood experiment will be worth the immortality bestowed upon the living Godhead.
At 55 minutes, the Creep State Guru discusses programing DNA to kill one person. This is one reason why the military is not permitting its members to get the recreational DNA testing so popular today. The man makes much of the ethical safeguards that medical experimentation is wrapped in. But I suspect there is a layer of such experimentation that is classified and not subject to such phony ideals.
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BryceMar 27, 2021

I'd be impressed if Microsoft could make software that works. Lately, they've been unable to do that.

Their test tube research is going nowhere.
DeniseMar 14, 2021

This is my favorite post on here and it connects a number of dots that make perfect sense, once you pointed it out. It makes sense that they would want conservatives and seniors to be first in line, something I've been pointing out, all along. I've been saying for a whole now that I think there are living "n"p"c" zombies already living amongst us, especially the ones at the very top. They look weird to me. Remember that movie, They Live?
Bruce Lee Marvin GayeMar 13, 2021

Absolute fucking genius. Both of you....

Still banned on Twitter, 6 months after debunking Wolf Blitzer saying he was just one of us. The person that threatened to kill the bastard....their comment is still there after my removed one.
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