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'The Chinese'
Marius Wonders What the Crackpot Thinks of the Middle Kingdom's Future Hegemony
© 2021 James LaFond
Chinese Invasion
Thu, Mar 18, 5:49 AM (1 day ago)
Hi James,
I agree with you that most people are sloe eyed and hoofed beasts of prey.
I spent the lockdown working on a cattle feedlot and likened the experience to performing maintenance at a concentration camp.
The cows reminded me of people in that they were timid and stupid and gluttonous. If a fence was down they did not make a break for the hills but were content merely to graze on the other side of their pens.
The only time they had any fight in them was when we had a semi rollover filled with live cattle.
It was an exciting day attempting to rescue the survivors.
After a few months I stopped resenting the cattle and came to appreciate them for their quirks and unique hairstyles.
I wouldn’t say this restored my faith in people. Quite the opposite. I just no longer despise them for being muppets. That may change if they try to force νаϲсіոation on me. Interestingly enough the commonwealth countries and home of the brave seemed unconcerned about potential side effects.
The real concern i have is China.
Could it be that our governments are so infiltrated they have been purposely weakened our population in order to pave the way for a red empire to rise?
At this point it matters not whether this was a planned degeneration by our rulers or a 5th gen war by the Maoist’s or some collusion. The writing is on the wall. We are woefully unprepared for such a conflict.
This is something I’ve written to you about in the past. If I had the resources and influence, I would build this country into a modern day Sparta (albeit with less sodomy) through sports, agriculture, nutrition and upskilling of the population.
People have referred to me as the fuhrer for even suggesting war is possible.
Obviously this is unlikely to happen given the sloth of modern people, so it’s likely we will be invaded.
I gather that I know you would not fight for Uncle Sam, and having read your work it’s a hard sell for me now.
But what are the options?
Let’s say Australia does mount a futile counter attack, do I sign up and die in the first wave?
Do I retreat inland and try and fight a guerilla war - we don’t have a taliban in this country, nor the will to live like them.
Or do I hide away in the mountains and abandon my country to its fate - letting down the small percentage of the population who have the backbone to fight and the vast hordes of cowards who will kneel before the conqueror’s undersized phallus?
What would you do in my situation?
And what would you if America was being invaded?

Of course, this is a science-fiction backstory exercise.
While ditching in the Pacific Northwest two months ago, I was wondering about the obvious Chinese takeover of that area, with their control of adjacent Canada already solid. The idea for Ditcher is that 20 years from now a young man who works as a criminal enforcer is forced out of Seattle by the triads who have corporate and government support, so he becomes an itinerant laborer in an America that has sold itself to its erstwhile rivals.
I don't know enough about Down Under to comment on your situation. However, I will use the U.S.A. and my skank self as a mirror as you suggested. There was a game from the 1970s, a roleplaying game called Traveler, set in outer space, that postulated three human founts of space travel and stellar colonization: the American Arm, the Russian Arm and the Chinese Arm. On the surface, I think that America will maintain a goliath status long past its ability to implement an American agenda. In fact, I would suggest that America ceased working for America, and has been an international banking enforcement arm since 1898, with major boosts in commitment to its money masters surging in 1913-19, 1929-35, 1939-53, 1964-75, and with final, total colonization of the American Creep State apparatus of control achieved at the end of 2001, and with the short-lived Usurper insurrection from 2016-2020, locking out any pro-American sentiment from American governance.
I do not know what Australia or Australians are like.
I do know that Americans are pathetic, because they are only concerned with safety. The American sense of safety is based largely on having enough money to buy one's way out of debt, crime and uncertainty. The genius behind this system is that the American sense of security is based on a system of currency exchange that we all know to be in motion and to have failed disastrously in the past, which is to say that our sense of security is built on a system of insecurity. All Americans care about is money.
Why invade America when you can buy it?
If you want to have sex with a beautiful woman with zero moral scrupples, why pay goons to abduct her and bribe cops and a judge to let you get away with her rape, when you can just light your cigar with a $100 bill and say, "Come here, bitch."
Internationl actors have long ago purchased America from its politicians.
What matters the biology of these alien masters, when we know that none of them hold our interests to heart?
I suspect, that by 2040, two things will have happned:
A U.S. military naval disaster concerning the proxy conflicts in Africa between the slave nations and warlords of the Americans and the Chinese, will shake American military confidence. This will result in nations like Australia and Korea being abandoned to their reional hegemon.
The other thing that essentially nullifies the first, is that Chinese interests will have bought in so heavily into the corrupt Western systems, that they will already own us. Money is all that matters to the vast most of us. So, when U.S. military men are discharged they will seek employment with military contractors which are run as Chinese Corporate subsidiaries. The take over of America by the Chinese is not going to look like a reverse of the disastrous invasions by westerners in Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iraq.
It's going to look like this:
Local cops, military contractors and U.S. military will enforce the will of the Chinese Corporation here, on their fellows. I lived with a man for a few months this winter in Cascadia. He was a high ranking U.S. military man. After January 6th, we stood in his kitchen as he looked down over his driveway and said, "I fought for this country. I did some terrible shit for this sonofabitch. I know one day American soldiers are going to come up this road to take me down. I won't have a chance. The only question is, do I take out one, two or three of them. Since there will be six, it won't matter. But I'd like to leave an impression."
That sentiment that The Colonel expressed is exactly the one I have held concerning police since 2011, when I learned that they would never leave me alone.
However, I would never join an effort, any organized resistance, for two reasons:
Because we woudl be turned in by Americans, imprisoned by Americans and despised by Americans as traitors.
Or, if somehow this did not happen, it would mean that our leadership had already been bought out by the globalists, be they Chinese, European or Merchentpean.
Uncle Sam is a homo-whore with a diseased ass.
In the end His Americans will get me, some way, somehow.
I'm saving my fight for them, when that throwaway agent of the system that has claimed my body and soul since I first drew breath is sent to recycle me.
I have, through my writing, met many men who started reading here for combat advice on how to defend themselves if attacked while organizing legally to peacefully promote their high ideals of national and ethnic solidarity. They have all since been betrayed by their leaders, who, I think, are mostly colonized by the System, controlled either through threat or money and probably both.
We still live in nations, but enter an age of corporations as the rotten shells of these countries serve as nothing more than feedlots for the fattening and tenderizing of the well-marbled souls upon which the Masters may dine.
I would save your fight for when your own kind or some cheap import from the Dark Continent come for you in the night.
Good luck down there, Marius.
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Bruce Lee Marvin Gaye     Mar 20, 2021

Aleister Crowley predicted the descendency of the white race back in 1905. Your notion on Africa and a navy meltdown is covered in a must read book...Twilight's Last Gleaming. They get their asses kicked in a cold blooded fashion.

People need to face facts, China isn't fucking evil, our own politicians are. They've abandoned the AmeriConned people after doing what they do in every other cUntry, steal every fucking thing that isn't nailed down. We're gutted. I wouldn't lift a fucking finger to defend these cunts.

The Goobermint is completely full of shit. They lie about every damned thing and want the world to bend over and take the shriveled ancient dick of the gerontocracy. A dick so cold Viagra will do nothing. They can't handle competition, fair business competition, never could. They just kill willy nilly, shoot a load of jism in their Bible and wave it around on TV while the conned start baying like rabid dogs. It's over guys. Just a matter of time. I'm putting on the popcorn and laying ice on the beer. These ancient prune bags deserve everything they get.
dee     Mar 20, 2021

China's Party seems owned by the same people as your politicians. If true, there is no more meaning in discussing competition between the US and China than debating the speed of Santa Claus' sled. It matters only because so many believe, but in the end, Santa isn't real.
OrangeFrog     Mar 25, 2021

Marius may be interested to read, if he has not already done so, Robert Hughe's <i>The Fatal Shore</i>; about the establishment of Australia as a 'prison island'. There are plenty of great stories of criminal gangs who retreated to the mountains to form small bands and communities - didn't always work out great, but gives an idea about what he'd be up against. It is also useful to understand just how hard these men actually were; I am not sure many modern bug people would ever wish to live this way. Regardless, most of them died like men - fighting to avoid being taken into captivity, rightly or wrongly.

On the subject of the relationship between Australia and China, I would imagine AU is already heavily compromised. I was there (Sydney) for Christmas 2018, and at that time mine was the only flight from England that I could see. Every other flight (there were five or six) was from China. At baggage collection, a sea of Chinese faces. I had an unpleasant experience with an airport security official who 'jokingly but not' threatened to strip search me - I had asked if there were anymore documents he needed from me. This was the last time I flew, it was hard enough to control my temper at this sleight from a government funded wanker; but I digress. Upon egress from the airport and into a cab (driven by a musselman), we must have passed ten or more billboards advertising new apartments... all written in Chinese. All no doubt intended for Chinese. All no doubt funded by Chinese. Upon my arrival in Sydney's Central Business District, I saw fewer Chinese but they were still the most obvious minority.

Further meetings with people over the course of 10 days led me to understand that the Chinese were interested in buying stakes in all manner of AU businesses. Mining, milk, &c. In short Marius, if Sydney and my contacts are anything to go by, the invasion has already started. Godspeed to you old son. Keep a sharp mind and a granite fist. AU was the birthplace of my grandfather (born in Melbourne), a man who fought the Japanese and was a quiet fellow... I bet he saw some stuff, but never told and I was too scared to ask. Nothing breaks my heart more than the picture my grandmother (well into her 90s) has in her house: Sydney harbour 1878 and Sydney harbour 1924. We lost it. Whites lost it. Few whites still have it.
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