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'Freedom Fries Circus Show'
Fire and the Crackpot Muse on the Wisdom of African Shaman Upon Cucked things Uhmerican
[The Crackpot's thoughts are in brackets.]
Wed, Mar 17, 3:28 PM (2 days ago)
How are you James...
Just read your exchange with Marius on your site and welcomed much good medicine for the day (laughing out loud) at stuff you said.
[Marius is actually a distant relative of mine. My ancestors were shipped to North America as slaves and his to Australia.]
Whenever people talk about the "wake people up" response is...
they are not sleeping. There are a ton of weak willed and a ton of cowards.
[I agree, that there are many people who consciously look away from the dark truth and embrace the bright lie. In my opinion, these men—mostly men and some women—are in media, teaching and leadership positions, people who perpetuate lies in order to lead their base herd. For instance, White Nationalist academics and leaders know that the U.S. was founded as a place to enslave Europeans. However, they push the idea that the nation was founded in "white" racial solidarity. Another example is academics who study American history and find facts that shatter the accepted narrative that they have been indoctrinated in, and then they gloss over these inconvenient facts. In another light I view most women and the vast herd of emasculated dronish male-things, as developing blinders due to their indoctrination by the vile media, politicians and academics cited above. This induction process keys into the human being's natural aversion to ever-present existential threat. Modern war on an industrial scale drives all men insane in something like 30 days. Most dronish male-things and females would be driven insane by a constant sense of peril within a single day. Imagine, a primitive person living in a cave. They can deal with the fact that walking outside alone is a death sentence. But, if they were convinced that deeper in the cave dwelt a monster ever hungry to eat them, they would not be able to function and would eventually become catatonic. The hideous truth about Civilization, especially Western Civilization, is that the beast that wants to eat you is inside of your social safe space, in your government, acting as your so-called protectors, walking down your street in myriad forms which you are not permitted to hold suspect for fear of reprisal by the dark god lurking in the deep recesses of our collective cave. The denial mechanism is the only thing that can save the weakling from fright, and Civilization is a social construct dedicated to propagating the weakest and caging and killing the strongest. It is a zoo. You can let harmless animals mill in the petting zoo, let the ducks gaggle about—but the lions must be caged. ]
A while back I read about this Irish or Scot psychologist guy who traveled to Africa
to meet with different disparate village shaman /medicine people to ask them what they thought of the overwhelming prevalence of sociopathy and psychopathy in freedom fries circus show.
He was rather stunned as these people in many cases were countries apart yet their responses were almost all the same...they said that the degree of malignant narcissism (as the necessary primary ingredient to creating the eventual soul-less (and genetically viable to pass on to progeny) cocktail in a meat suit) is the most prevalent here because "Uhmericans hate themselves."
[Self-hatred is the single most prevalent social mechanism in America, with all of the formal slave races of this nation having long ago been generationally indicted into hating their outer ethnic form and their ancestry and identifying manly with ideologies and faiths and false racial homogeneity. For instance, this nation has perminently poisoned African Americans into hating each other as they clearly demonstrate in all settings and have developed a culture of "throwing" each other "under the bus," as well as un-paralleled use of violence and ethnic slurs within their in group. European Americans early on were mostly turned against their own ethnicities and identified as "white," and within that artificial race identified mainly with class as expressed by money, celebrity and ideology. Self-hatred is the predetermined morality of any society structure along the lines of debt. American self-hatred of its legacy populations from the Plantation Era, not obvious among ethnicities that came in from outside of the Plantation Anglosphere, is our most prevalent quality.]
Most all of them alluded to a dangerous degree of self loathing as the underpinning for this degree of self absorbed insanity.
Anyhow...miss seeing you around. I trust you are well enough and looking after yourself
and getting some writing done.

Thanks for the interesting discussion, Fire.
My keenest sense about waking people up is that it can only be sustainably done with falsehoods, by making someone "woke" so that they believe in an easily managed lie. The truth is too rough-edged, messy and dangerous and does not impart single-minded purpose to the cattle of Modernity to stampede in the direction desired by their fright farmers. So, if somehow you had the ability to impart the truth to most folks, it would shatter their sanity.
Ignorance is bliss and eating of the Tree of Good and Evil, of understanding reality, threatens to grant us the perspective of gods, and this causes insanity, because we are just human and most of the real gods are deranged anyhow. Why join their immortaly suffering ranks?
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