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'Collision of Science and Personal Experience'
Disease-Based Persecution of the Amish Begins in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Amish Immunity
3 days ago
The article we spoke of
-Nero the Pict

I have long thought that the Amish would become a persecuted American minority, and we have arrived.
In mid-April 2020, as our train wended through the snow-choked mountains of Montana, Mister Schwartz told me that their community was under fire for homeschooling, home health care, off grid living and community food processing by various state governments across the nation. they are banding together with Jamaican and Hmung traditionalists in the food processing area. He sought me out as an English advisor—because, as he declared, I seemed the kind of man willing to "break the law."
In Chicongo, on March 11 2021 I noticed that the Amish now have an intelligence service and protection service run by the men.
So, it is no surprise to see that the ascendant tranny medical world government is now casting its all-distorting eye upon them.
People accuse me of prophecy simply because I have predicted so many things. I am no prophet or genius. I was simply unfortunate enough to be involved in the phony science of martial arts while being hunted by urban warriors, observing the phony science of criminology while experiencing what law enforcement misreported on, and experienced police harassment for being a paleface while the rest of my race believed that the policeman was their dedicated race-based friend.
My entire experience in violence, combat and urban life has been a collision of personal experience with science. Science is no longer a method for the exploration of reality, but an altar of delusion before which we worship our Masters' utopian fantasy.
Now, in the cracked rearview mirror of 2015-2020 I value "I told you so" more than I value this fetid nation. It is more important to my ego to have been right about what is going wrong in this nation than for things to go right in this nation—something that I believe is not possible, as the nation state is nothing but a mechanism for sustainable pillaging and selective oppression.
Guess who has just been selected for oppression?
Christians, who commit the crime of gathering in peace with like minds.
Stay tuned, and look out for the upcoming article Woke Vests.
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David WheelerApr 5, 2021

PURE FUCKING GENIUS - I'm about to send some phony $$$ your way
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