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Glass Jaw Compensation
Marius Discusses Dentistry, Dysgenic Modernity and Combat Training with the Crackpot
Hi James,
I really enjoyed the series of articles with fire.
System controlled reproduction is clearly the goal.
The pressure to get the jab is increasing, and people are completely oblivious as usual. If it doesn’t make you more susceptible to disease via pathogenic priming it will probably sterilise you.
If the effects of this are obvious and immediate, I believe it could crash the whole scheme. We will see.
However, I’m writing to you to touch on something seemingly unrelated - posture.
Modern industrialised humans have terrible posture, from our sedentary lifestyle. This is obvious when you look at people standing and walking.
What is less obvious (but no less important) is tongue posture.
Why all of a sudden, after millions of years of our ancestors having perfect smiles, do we have overcrowding and crooked teeth.
The simple answer is genetics.
This is a red herring - of all the species of mammals, all have perfect occlusion except for a few severely inbred dogs.
Crooked teeth is a symptom of poor tongue posture and soft high calorie food.
Before the modern era, it was only seen in the aristocracy. Rich people could afford refined food, the poor had to chew. In fact, pre humans used to chew up to four hours a day, to get the same calories a modern slug can ingest in a single Mars bar.
The terms for this is Cranio Facial Dystrophy, and has been posited by a Family of British orthodontists. These men John and Mike Mew have been silenced and ostracised by the establishment for asking the question “why are teeth crooked?”
Presumably because there is so much money to be made in treating the symptom rather than addressing the root cause.
These men are proving that any child can have perfect teeth by simply resting the tongue on the roof of the mouth and breathing through the nose.
The tongue expands the maxilla forward and laterally, making the teeth form into a nice U shape. The mandible follows the upper jaw. By keeping this shape consistently and chewing hard food, children will grow into well formed adults.
Look around you...
people in modern western society (and I can only speak of Australia personally, but it’s prevalent across the Anglo sphere) have CFD at a rate of 80-90%. Barely anyone has straight teeth, or a well formed skull. The few that do are plastered all over media and advertising because that’s what our brains are desperate to see.
Again, the easy answer here is genetics, but genes are only a blueprint. The environment is what determines the expression of those genes.
I am living proof of this. I have been in braces for most of my adult life to correct this damage. As a child I contracted whooping cough and lost the ability to breathe through my nose. This led to a cascade of ill health resulting in a surgeon telling me “your teeth are too large for a small mouth”.
When in nature does this happen?
It doesn’t.
They removed several teeth and performed a jaw surgery which they claimed was a success. It was not. It’s made my face narrow and weak. Furthermore, i do not have sufficient space for my tongue.
The reasons for me telling you this are threefold.
1) the lack of space for my tongue, and inability to bite down, has made it impossible for me to fight. Every professional fighter, footballer or soldier you see will have a well developed head. This is obvious, yes, but why do they have this?
Because they held their tongue right.
The implication of this, is that a population of degenerates with terrible posture can be easily controlled by the few specimens who somehow survived the dysfunctional environment.
You touched on this in your book review of “discipline equals freedom” - how the system hi jacks the best masculine material.
It certainly does. It also does not seem to care that it’s actively destroying everyone else’s health at the same time.
2) this is effecting our mating preferences.
At the same time online dating has become the normal way of meeting a partner, the degeneration of our forms is reaching its peak.
If you have a bunch of weak unattractive cowards, addicted to porn and video games, who are constantly passed over in real life and completely ignored online, by hyper promiscuous women with no religion forcing them to marry incels, is it any wonder you get mass shootings or acid attacks (India)?
This is not my fate, thankfully I have character and am considered good looking (I am just not at my genetic potential) but I can understand this mentality.
Of course mainstream society does not want to acknowledge this, preferring to pump out nonsense like “personality is everything” and “everyone is equal”
It makes sense that a system goal is ugly weak disenfranchised males as they are the best consumers. Maybe bourgeois homosexuals are better spenders but who will clean the toilets?
3) I am asking for advice.
I am currently undergoing a long process to correct the damage modernity has done to me. It involves experimental orthodontics to create the space for my tongue by expanding the maxilla and grow my mandible to its genetic potential. At some point I will have to get the removed teeth reinstalled.
Silmultaneously I am correcting my posture and biomechanics. I am in good shape, I work physically, eat well and train regularly.
I have set myself up financially, have a trade and many skills, and am fortunate enough to have a caring family and a huge circle of friends. Despite this impediment, I consider myself blessed.
However, like you, I was bullied. When I asked for help from my family, I got the typical cuckery of telling the teacher and “using your words”.
Predictably this only made it worse. At some point I realised that being physical is the only thing that matters in the end, and stood up for myself. This worked until I dropped out of the protected world of university and entered into my trade.
It was here I learned how the world really worked, and that I wasn’t built for it.
I started boxing, and despite my willingness and effort, I had to give it up. Because of the lack of structure in my face, I was not able to take punches. Without the space for the tongue to press into the roof of the mouth, the neck muscles cannot engage to stabilise the head and protect the brain.
For a long time I was despondent, and even suicidal.
The pathetic society I live in tried to tell me that being able to fight doesn’t make you a man. It doesn’t matter, take some antidepressants. I did it for two weeks and realised what a monster those poison pills are.
Anyway, it has been a long journey, and I’m committed to seeing it through. I’ve been dealt a very mixed hand and I’m playing it the best I can.
My question to you, James:
What would you do?
How do I become an effective combatant?
I am hoping that this treatment will work out, and I will be built strong enough to compete, but I don’t have any guarantees.
Had I grown up healthy and developed well, I have no doubt I would have joined the military and been very good at it. Once this is done, I may still.
I don’t believe I am from weak stock. The rest of the men in my family are very hardy and worked manually their whole lives. Unfortunately no one showed me how to stand up for myself.
I wish I had you for an uncle.
Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
I am sorry this is long and personal. If you think people will want to read this, feel free to publish it.
Your mate Marius

Marius, I have spent these two weeks with a lifelong friend of mine is going through cancer treatments, and finally, today, he was able to speak well enough to comment on the state of the world:
"Every civilization dies—I don't care if you're Spartan, Roman or British. Successful people give what they didn't have to their kids and ruin them. Plenty and comfort makes you fat. Then you get weak. Than you get gay. Then somebody burns your city down. The end point of every civilization is sucking a dick."

So, Marius, in the harsh light of this truth, I propose barbarism. Do we want to be the citizen of Cuckmenistan sucking a dick? Or do we want to hold the torch that burns a misbegotten world?
I very much liked your commentary on dentistry. There is no argument about this among paleoanthropologists. I also think this is one reason for cuckery and white guilt which began with the invention of the racial noun white in the mid-1600s with the realization of the literate classes that savages of the forests on many continents retained their teeth and muscualture attributed to the ancients by Homer, while they wore petticoat-style clothes accentuating their narrow shoulders and wide hips. Look at the illustration of Pontiac signing the treaty and compare.
As to your questions:

1) the lack of space for my tongue, and inability to bite down, has made it impossible for me to fight. Every professional fighter, footballer or soldier you see will have a well developed head. This is obvious, yes, but why do they have this?

Floyd Patterson and Wvaldamir Klitchko had glass jaws and became heavyweight champions. I have a weak chin and the same mouth problems as you do, only less severe, with two oral surgeries to remove teeth and 5 years of braces as a boy. I developed a boxing style that totally denied my chin, being peek-a-boo, but could not box professionally for many other reasons—weak ribs, slow reflexes. Besides, you don't need to be a pro fighter. You just need to find a way to be a fighter who is a tough customer.

2) this is effecting our mating preferences... how the system hi jacks the best masculine material... It does not seem to care that it’s actively destroying everyone else’s health at the same time.

Correction, the system does care that it is degrading most humans, for it is a social pyramid, a hierarchy, which is to say a lineal sphere of negation. Government systems were first invented in order to degrade conquered humans into livestock in service to the conquerors. With democracy we get to take turns using the system to degrade each other so we can achieve more total dysgenesis. This will cause the system of government we use as a tool to degrade each other to become self-aware and turn on all of us.

3) I am asking for advice.
What would you do?
How do I become an effective combatant?
I am hoping that this treatment will work out, and I will be built strong enough to compete, but I don’t have any guarantees.

You know, Marius, my nephews and grandchildren and sons seem to fear me and regard me with horror and disbelief for the same reason you seem to wish I was your uncle. It is a shame we shall never meet in person, but I am your internet uncle if you like. whatever boxing coach allowed you to get hammered in the face should be butchered by aborigines. Any of us boxing coaches—even us low-rent amateur ones—can tell at a glance if a face and neck are up to the punishment. You were permitted to get hurt by a moral cunt. Unless you and some fellow knuckleheads just went at it without a proper coach—something I did plenty in my youth—in which case you simply learned your limits.
Marius, if you came into one of the gyms I have coached at before I would recommend:
-lots of shadow boxing
-lots of bag work
-master fading, catching, parrying, stopping, rolling and the safety pivot, stuff impossible to teach tough guys. It is a truism that the only people that get technically good at boxing do not have iron chins. You can learn the art while doing your therapy for the mouth and neck.
-If you were at a gym where you were getting hammered while training, than that gym sucks and don't go back. Top pros know how to train light contact so that they don't win Ali's idiot prize.
-You were not involved with a responsible coach. I never let a man get hit hard until after he is a good boxer.
-light sparring with a very slick boxer, focusing on peek-a-boo style, which...
-Bro, BJJ is an economic power house because it teaches people to learn an aspect of effective combat with out being punched in the face which is the greatest fear among the Cuckmenistani Ghostmen of Modernity, far ahead of watching Mom get gang-raped by a Zulu impi.
-wrestle, wrestle and wrestle...
Knife and Stick Fighting
-Both of these overlapping arts are more important, more effective and more trainable and sustainable than boxing, MMA or BJJ. Give Joe Rogan his Gi and give me a skinning knife or crowbar and what we have is a murder, not a fight.
-Strikes with sticks and knives to the head rarely aply much neck pressure and almost never hit the chin. Our skulls are designed to protect against downward diagonal strikes. You can compete at the highest levels in full-contact minimal gear with a glass jaw.
In sumation, competition in MMA degardes your ability to survive knife and machete attacks, boxing competition is a darwinian testing ground to find the most primitive men and are actual rituals developed to counter the degradation of masculinity, so should be used by you as an adjunct to your facial therapy, not a goal. Your goal should be the ability to pick up a fence-slat and stretch out three unarmed men in 10 seconds, or to use an umbrella to stop a machete attacker, or use your empty hands to disarm a bat attacker...
I love boxing and MMA, but they are games. Use them. Do not aspire to them. They are useful rituals, so when they cease to become useful, than they are traps for your soul.
It is time to stage your breakout.
May that tawdry whore Fortune smile upon you.
Real combat involves weapons and unless you area government goon, usinga fiearm is against the law, so pick up a pipe and start training.
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Sam J.Mar 29, 2021

Marius if you want an excellent posture buy this book and do the exercises. I guarantee it will work. "Miss Craig's 21 Day Shape-Up Program for Men and Women". It's a bunch of sissy exercises and stretches. It won't happen overnight but when I did these after like 6 months or so I noticed something very odd. Normally most humans, myself included, slouch a little in chairs. I noticed that I was sitting with perfect posture in a chair. Just like you would expect someone to tell you. Perfectly straight. When I tried to slouch a little, thinking it would be more comfortable. It wasn't, it was actually painful to slouch. Sitting with good posture was better.

The book has gotten more expensive on Amazon. There were a mass of these sold, like millions. Maybe look around and find a used copy for cheaper.
ShepApr 23, 2021

This post and the response are just plain fuckin' fascinating! You can't get this kind of info and analysis anywhere else.
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