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Becoming the Bitch-Whisperer
Crackpot Slave Girl Body Typology and Incubator Morphology
Once a week I have an Obama phone conference with my editor for about 45-minutes. I will ask her search and normy questions and she will run news by me for ideas, and on this occasion, said, "Please, do not write anymore near future apocalypse science fiction—everything you write comes true!"
Well, I had taken a late night phone call from a young fellow, younger than my youngest son, who was asking me dating advice and then began quizzing me about what type of body I liked on a woman—of course it is all over the place, as mostly I just want a babe who will not stab me in the back, bust my balls, empty my bank account, etc.
Well, this fellow was doubting my advice when he found out I had "low standards" for body type. Well, hello, I'm heterosexual and not leftist [gay] and not Alt-Right [gay] and therefore like women that are fertile, or, if beyond the age of fertility, are at least built like they might have once survived child birth.
Well, this young man blurted to me, "Oh, you'd like fat Taylor Swift."
Well, when speaking to Lynn the next day, I said, "Who is Taylor Swift and how fat is she?"

Lynn Lockhart
Sat, Mar 27, 2:43 PM (7 days ago)
Any one who utters the words "Fat Taylor Smith" deserves to be lovingly mocked by you for his own benefit. Look at her legs in the pink dress with the high slit!!! That is "FAT" Taylor Smith. Unreal. I guess men prefer the crackwhore look like in the red skirt. Enjoy the pics, they are from this website, which is an eating disorder blog, such as many women keep to help themselves and other stay thin.
I worked with a couple girls with eating disorders. One would buy large bags of candy and put them on my desk "for the team to share."

Okay, I don't find either version of this lady particularly attractive.
I would have sex with either version.
But the skinny one would have to have some real blowjob skills, because I have never been able to inseminate something with no ass at all. I tried with two skinny girls and just could not ejaculate during intercourse because there was nothing soft to smash my heathen groans against. So, if regular Taylor Swift wanted me to spend hours pinning her to the bed a second time, she would have to bring a friend. Actually, skinny girl #1 did bring a friend the second time and it worked out okay.
Now, for me, this is not about body weight, but shape. I dated a 105-pound psychobitch for ten years. But she was not built like a 14-year-old boy like Taylor Swift.
Where does this come from, this demand that a woman must be built like a boy?
I personally know three middle-aged men who have to have a small woman. for the two eldest she must be under 120 pounds—an absolute step on the scale requirement. All three of these men have spent almost all of their adult lives alone. The youngest one, in his 40s, shows slightly more latitude and is willing to accept large breasts on a thin woman and does not have a specific weight requirement, just the typical American body image standard. Since he is not hopeless, I'll exempt him from the study below. The irony is that their favored body type is not sustainable by a 90% of human women after pregnancy.
Look, I like ripe, petite young bitches too. But I realize that after you put a baby in it will gain 20 pounds. Bro, when you get a woman pregnant, it's like watching an alien invasion scene, only the alien takes nine months to pop out and start undermining your society. Meaning that if any of these three guys I know very well ever got their dream girl of 29 years and 105 pounds and impregenated her, that they would lose all attraction to her forever after and the two would never have 2 replacement kids.
Interestingly, fat Taylor Swift is built like a flapper girl from the 1920s, like Faye Wray who King Kong abducted from her faggots—and I am told that Taylor Swift socializes with faggots. If I find out that Taylor Swift blew up to 130 after Faye Wray passed—I'll make the case for transmigration.
The Sources of the American man's mania for boyish body types are partially articulated by two of my friends, one 65 and one 58 years old:
-1. Unisexualism, the modern liberal belief that gender is a construct
-65 "there is no reason for a woman to gain weight after pregnancy, so I will not accept a woman over 120 pounds—they are disgusting."
This stems from a belief this liberal man holds that men and women are virtually identical other than size, with women being smaller. so for him, difference is achieved by having a small woman. This is feminism acting within the male psyche.
-2. Emasculation
58, "I need a woman who is breakable, who I can crush," says this friend, who has been alone almost his entire life. As an evil twerp, I am proud to have used two slave girls who were stronger than I am and dominated them anyhow.
-3. Fertility ignorance
American women tend to either be extreme low body fat and therefore infertile, or obese, and therefore less attractive and less able to manage pregnancy. Athletic women have extreme conception and pregnancy survival problems as do obese women. These to body types, the crack whore-Jane Fonda fitness witch body type, and the fuppa gutted fatty-boomalatty hog woman, are part of a cycle, with the starvation of trying to attain 105 pounds ultimately resulting in an out-of-control weight gain latter in life.
-4. Grocery marketing
My mother's generation needed to be sent to work to maintain living standards as our fathers had their jobs outsourced from under them, so they were sold baby formula, which makes us, there bottle-fed spawn, prone to weight gain and diabetes latter in life and permitted our moms to avoid the wet nurse body type. We tend to pattern our attraction after our mother's bodytype from our toddler hood.
-5. Fashion marketing
Virtually all fashion for females is designed by gay men. So there is their love of the teenage male form to consider. But it is much more than homo-erotica here. Fashion models are desired to be unnaturally elongated so that they can serve as literal clothes hangers. Also, fashion, as is everything in modernity on a commercial basis, is centered on built in obsolescence. Women's clothes are designed to fall apart so they need to be replaced and they are also designed to fit only the rarest body form and be ill-fitted to most women, so that they're life becomes a shopping rampage of buying ten articles of clothing to find the one article that fits. The fashion trends are largely economic although they have a key gay driver, being the homoerotic thirst for a flat, narrow butt like original Battan death march Taylor Swift.
-6. aristocratic identification
American identify with the British nobility and their American imitators almost exclusively—witness the royal family mania my entire life. Theses sensibilities were carried over into the Anglo-American elite, whom we emulate, worshipping starving movie stars. You want a mean bitch—starve her. Women do not handle hunger well. That is built in. They are supposed to be a storehouse of calories for the babies. Throughout most of history, the elite were far less fertile than the slaves. Also, small breasts were the beauty standard for most of history because it meant you did not have to nurse and risk your own health feeding this little monster holding onto your hair. A rich British or Anglo-American bitch would hire a wet nurse, like Juggy Landy—no shit, her real name, from about 1725, Ireland, renting her tits out to the nobility. Just like Solomon' bride apologizing for having a tan because her family required her to work, the upper class woman has generally avoided nursing to maintain breasts the size that they were when she was a virgin, to maintain that youthful illusion through sterility. Fertility for a woman has that second part—the nursing, making most modern women 50% infertile and dependent on corporate milk from the store. As a grocer, I might point out that the type of women who bought the highest percentage of formula and nursed the least, were also the cruelest to their children.
-7. Instinctual population reduction
I am postulating that as a life form that has far outstripped our natural food resources, to the point where we need to use petroleum-based fertilizer and genetically engineered food, that those human demographics who have attained the highest level of domestication [meaning civics] have been instinctually responding to the PLENTY by reacting against normal human instincts to value fertility in feminine and masculine forms as a brake against a possible mass die-off from disease or starvation. Apex civilizations all suffer infertility in this way and begin to curb fertility in both sexes. At age 58 I have been propositioned by four women in the past 4 months, Ages 38, 35, 28 and 24, despite being broke-ass hobo poor, just because they noticed me being visually attentive to their forms in a sea of young soyboys who dreamed sterile utopian dreams and scurried about behind masks. This happened in Washinton, Oregon and California, centers of emasculation and feminism, twice with female employees at a Fred Myers supermarket. It continued in Pittsburgh with two more young women striking up conversatiosn with this old shitbag, simply because I peered at them with my one unpatched eye.
A man is supposed to have enough sex drive to fuck any woman who is healthy. If you plan on getting married, practice fucking ugly bitches for when your wife gets mad and you need to have makeup sex when you want to strangle her, skinny bitches for when she gets cancer, fat bitches for after she gets pregnant, black bitches for when she PMSing, etc. You need to train for managing these crazy creatures.
Become the bitch-whisperer.
It is the woman who has ever had to be picky whenever she had the chance to choose her inseminator since, she will now depend on him in some way, while he is free to walk away having turned her into an incubator.
Men being picky about women is a reversal of thousands of years of history. Do you really thing that Ghengis Khan's 60 wives and 300 concubines were all 5 foot five inches tall and 105 pounds?
Hell, they were of many races.
If she's tall, knock her down and mount up.
If she's fat, roll her around.
If she's short, make her hold your beer.
If she's skinny, put a baby in it and make her fat.
For creatures that are supposed to be maleable putty in our hands, it's unseemly of us to demand that they come made to order.

I am not trying to talk young readers into mating with fat girls.
Send your fat girls to me.
My hips are shot, and nobody makes up for that mechanical hurdle better than a fat girl with low self esteem!
If you can't figure that out go to Baskin Robins and pay attention—Bro! Step away from the cones and order a bowl!
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ncApr 6, 2021

Well you did write an entire book about it years ago:
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BobApr 5, 2021

Thanks for the article on that most interesting of themes: the woman.

Segueing, the changes wrought by child-bearing seem to be physiological as well as environmental:
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