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Under the Lights
Live stream Hobo History on Facebook Today: 4/7/21, 7:00 PM Eastern CP Time
For some reason facebook people like hobo historians more than yootube views.
Additionally, last night, yootube informed my Young Master of Darkling Hue, that Jamaican video producers may not livestream homeless white trash content unless they have 1,000 subscribers.
So, we livestreamed on facebook last night.
Hobo History Mastermind, Incognegro, the Jamaican Subject of the Queen who bristled at my suggestion that I might find iced tea in his refrigerator, is committed to putting separate content on Facebook and Yootube. So, if you can stomach facebook check out the discussion on the Bonehead Collapse—daz right, not the Bronze Age Collapse.
We have already shot two more hobo histories on disease in history and he has hieroglyphically remastered two of the lost videos from the hobo history 2020 archive. I will field questions on the livestream—I have been told.
Oh yes, I am also writing a series of history articles for hobo history—to be posted on some platform I do not understand—but look for it.
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