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The Husband in the Attic
Mike the Exile and the Crackpot Discuss Breeding Women
Sat, Apr 3, 7:16 PM (6 days ago)
to me
Sorry to spam your inbox James - I started this as a reply to ''Becoming a Bitch-Whisperer'' ( but got caught up in it and decided to make a proper post about it. Below is my account of my Liberal father's tastes in women and how it is eerily similar to that of the friends you mentioned...
My father shares the same tastes in women as your two friends - think Emma Watson with a pixie cut.
Born on a farm in Quebec the 1940s, it was inculcated to him that big women were the norm. His mother and most of the neighboring housewives were of strong build with broad shoulders, thick limbs and large asses and breasts : farmer's wives designed to work the fields and bear children. One such lady reportedly gave birth to 20 kids before she closed up shop with the Church's approval and forced her husband to sleep in the attic...
This was declared beautiful by his abusive father and uncles. My father resented his childhood at the hands of these psychos and went on to become a successful and ''progressive'' man later in his life. He distanced himself from everything that harkened back to his earlier years, up to and including his forefather's tastes in women. Slim, boyish chicks with small tits and short hair became his go-to.
This is ironic considering that he ended up with my mother, a woman blessed with a very respectable rack and a pleasant disposition to match!
As for myself, I never understood this strange attraction and gravitated very early on towards girls with large breasts and a bubbly personality. To me, men liking skinny girls with barely any curves is a sign of trauma and a misguided attempt to transcend beauty standards they deem primitive and inferior to their own. It has also been my experience that slim girls with slight curves are often pissy and disagreeable, while well-endowed women tend to be gentler, funnier and more nurturing.
Just my two cents.
- Mike the Exile.

Mike, we live in a very unique time in history. Apex Modernity has ushered in a beauty standard that has lain fallow since the Bronze Age Collapse, when the emaciated queens mirrored the starving population, with one bitch wearing a fake beard when she cucked her son out of becoming Pharaoh.
It has been my experience that girls with more curves are nicer. This is not to say that I'm into obese women, many of whom are raging bitches. My research—and this was a case of decades of hands on field work amongst the creatures in question for which I received no hazard pay—has suggested, that the strong hipped and big-breasted women you describe, peasant women, are nicer to us for various reasons listed below:
-The bitch is not starving.
-Petite bitches are jealous of them on a primal level.
-They have a primal confidence, with tens of thousands of years in our descent from Eden of their beauty standard insuring that at least a third of men will find them attractive even against the crack whore beauty standard.
-Their body makes them vulnerable—they have to be nice to us because they are not built for running.
-She tends to have more maternal instincts [this seems to be hormonal] and children are attracted to her as furniture, resting their heads on those big titties while they munch on cookies. Plump bitches are portable furniture!
-And, last but not least, the only two bitches who ever sent men to harm me—where petite bitches.
In the world before modernity, a woman was, for tens of thousands of years, a worker, a kid-carrier [with hair and hips helping], furniture and a food dispensary. Look, one of the reasons why Civilization sucks and Barbarism is cool, is that we, here at the end of masculine time in the land of limp-wristed Faggotron, do not have slave girls following us around who serve as a car trunk, a recliner, an unpaid employee and the milk cooler at the 7-11!

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