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Where did the Dominican babe with the giant ass go?
What, and I'm sober?
I was hoping to die of a massive coronary...
And another one of these big-brained kids is making—shoot, I'm still on this goddamned planet!
And this is what I do for a living?
Well, I suppose its better than penis fencing with bonobos...
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Apr 6, 2021, 8:15 PM (10 days ago)
I know you have said not to study WW2 due to the intentional confusion surrounding that event by TPTB, but I’ve already read a ton on the subject as a youth. In any case, I have a theory I’d like your opinion on.
[My reason for stating this is that one would have to read hundreds of books to get a balanced view of the struggle, and that no matter how balanced this view is, the struggle itself, and the preceding great war between 1914-19, by their very scale and conduct, obscure the ultimate causes of the two industrial wars that first killed Indo-European Culture and then doomed it to dwell forever in infamy in the many-pocked Pit of The Lie. We live in an age that actually worships The Lie. The Deceiver is Our Earthly God whose fruit we hungrily devour every time we argue along the false polarity of our media-imposed unreality.]
For the USA, WW2 was two completely separate, ideologically unrelated conflicts.
[From the U.S. perspective I think both conflicts served a different purpose in the same globalist agenda.]
The war in the Pacific was a classic clash of two Empires contesting for supremacy over the Pacific basin. A conflict between two different racial groups with wildly different cultures, this lead to a no quarter asked or given affair.
[Ironically, although the conflict was pursued with vicious animosity, it was depicted in film from the earliest post-war times with sympathy for the Japs and has continued to be depicted as a struggle between human beings rather than between victims and villains, ever since the war ended.]
The war in Europe was a conflict to decide which form of socialism would rule the region. The contestants were Communism, National Socialism and English style socialism. (I’d say the French were already out of the picture as a power player before it started.)
[Yes, the Frogs were already cooked in their pot. Interestingly, from the earliest post-war times, the struggle between Americans and Germans, which on the ground was conducted relatively humanely between combatants, was depicted in media as a struggle between humans. Of course, trying to make the Germans into superhuman fiends while veterans were taking their sweetheart to the movies would not have worked. So twenty years elapsed before the Germans began to be depicted as superhuman fiends who had tried to conquer the world, when in fact they were simply men trying to conquer their native region. This is the crux, which I will address at the bottom of the dialogue.]
So my thinking is, that the USA’s involvement in Europe was entirely due to our leadership’s hostility to the national aspect of National Socialism, as they were already on track to a globalist system. At least in terms of ideology.
[The German attempt to scale back international conduct to a national perspective, made about as much sense, and had as much chance of success, as trying to scale back a knife fight to a fist fight, with the man who insists on continuing to box, doomed to be eviscerated by the knife-armed foe. Hitler was a fucking idiot and a traitor who convinced his people to commit suicide rather than hibernating under the iron heel of globalism and waiting for it to fail of its own weight. WWII was the greatest sucker job in history. The extreme emotive emasculation of the national socialist mentality is visible in his every speech, his every call to cultic, national suicide—which now serves the call to macro-cultic international suicide.]
This is why they were so willing to aid the Soviets with war material, despite the Soviet’s complete hostility to capitalism, which was allegedly our economic system then.
[The Soviets, like the Germans, were actually financed by U.S. banks and would be fed by U.S. farmers throughout the Cold War in order to serve as a cartoon enemy to keep our idiot-trusting forefathers enthralled to a false narrative.]
Dividing Europe between the Anglo-American Empire and the Soviet Empire was the best the globalists could achieve at the time, and still destroy nationalism in Europe.
[I think this was the optimal solution to enslaving the world. Media narrative devices and commercial advertising, the means by which our idiot fellows are brainwashed today, were not up to the task in the 1930s-40s. While these techniques were being developed to rule the world as one gaslit hive mind, the Soviets, with their primitive boot-based propaganda, were propped up as a cartoon enemy. This provides a false view of mind control as blunt and crude and the memory of this grants cover to the real narrative power of capitalistic mind-control. Look at a re-run of the Tonight Show from the 1970s staring Johnny Carson. Carson is the star, "America," and his buffoon side-kick Ed McMahon was his "Soviet Union," the straight man who provided the platform for Carson to cast his spell. The Soviet Empire was necessary to inculcate a negative identity into the cultureless, American Mind. The Soviets were "the Asians" in Orwell's 1984.]
Your thoughts?
Thanks, Don Quotays

You make very good points, but are too trusting in the narrative, seeing it only as part lie and not all lie.
The Soviets served their purpose. However, they lacked the powerful asthetics [ I have tried to spell this gay word four ways and it is still coming up misspelled] of the Germans of WWII, who possess the best fashion sense of any competent foe to ever lose a war to a bland, soot-belching machine of industry. The few tanks they built were so cool looking, that even though they spent most of the war fighting like Amish militants from horse-drawn buggies, they have been forever after depicted as mad scientist geniuses who held all of the advantages, when they held only one, the high quality of the men that their dictator fed into an industrial war machine like so much sausage.
Nazis sell!
The Lie machine works best when their is a visually powerful counterpoint.
With 9 in 10 people being idiots that actually believe that a nation the size of Texas tried to conquer the world with three battle ships, no carriers and 2,500 tanks, and no plane that could cross an ocean, what you need is a powerful villain to pop up now in the long night after Uncle A's eclipse, preferably waving his weird-ass flag.
So how does the priesthood of The Lie gain and maintain dominion over the dissenters of The Truth?
First, by promoting the idea that Truth is powerful, when it is weak and wan in the light of the glaring Lie, the truth-seeker is himself blinded to Reality, which is the field within which The illusive Truth is inset in repose and against which The Lie is exposed.
Truth requires a superior mind to plumb it.
The Lie can be believed by any idiot.
Ironically Truth-Seekers find mistake in government education which blinds people into foolery, when blindness is the goal of education.
Take 100 American meat-puppets and have their favorite celebrity point at the blue sky and declare it orange, and 90 of those idiots will believe that the sky is orange.
So, the question is, not how one convinces those 10 Truth-struck souls that the Lie is the Truth, but how do you use the hidden Truth and its seekers to amplify and buttress that all-encompassing Lie?
Why convert all to The Holy Lie when the blasphemous truth-seeker can be used to buttress it in the idiot majority mind?
The Truth requires seeking and risk, while The Lie requires mere belief and acceptance.
The answer is to use those 10 people in one hundred to scare the meat-puppets and keep them forever within the cozy precincts of The Lie.
In the case of Nazis and WWII, you have this powerful and graphic image of villainy.
Now, 10 in 100 Americas who read about WWII might realize that it was, in Europe, a doomed struggle to scale back internationalism to a national perspective. These people will see that they have been lied to. Some, like you, will have the equipment between their ears to plumb the depths of this and search for the nuanced, and therefore incomprehensible to meat-puppets, Truth. However, a certain number of folks, which in America I suspect is about 1 in 10 of those capable of seeing that the dark Truth is hidden behind the bright Lie, will have an emotional reaction against being lied to. These people will then lash out, some with outrageous theories of comprehensive conspiracies, and others might even commit violence and further scare the meat-puppet masses into compliance. Also, some of these people will look at the Lie that the Nazis tried to conquer the world and conclude that everything recorded about these mythic villains is untrue and that they were really the “good guys.” These people are very important, because they will embrace the imagery of the Nazis and keep it alive.
Imagine if you will, a herd of goats, in which 90% agree to become sheep.
Now, imagine that among those 10 in 100 goats that wish to remain goats, you can get a couple to dress up like wolves and frighten the rest?
In this way you convince 5 of the remaining goat identity holdouts to embrace the life of sheep.
Now what you have is one Nazi goat, waving a swastika above the remaining four goat identity holdouts who are now under the eye of the Vile Shepherd we call Western Civilization.
The Truth is dark, nuanced, deep, brittle and uncomforting.
The Lie is bright, simple, shallow, robust and above all comforting.
Truth is a hazardous journey, My Young Friend. Explore it with caution and tread carefully among the multitudes who clamor for the Good News of The Lie.

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