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Advice for a Young Man
J J Daring Cues the Crackpot on a Misogyny Talk He Gave when Drunk in February 2018
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Mon, Apr 19, 3:56 PM (3 days ago)
to me
Thank you Mr LaFond,
I appreciate your work.
I have a question regarding some advice you have given young men in this interview James Lafond the Interview: Part One - YouTube at 7:38.
You had mentioned 2 paths of approach one of which I can't make out but sounds like "Wolves of Edouin".
Is there any chance you could clarify this second approach because the second option I can't do hahaha.
-J J

Groan. I gave this talk to my friend Mister Grey just before he helped me achieve first stage homelessness by hauling some of my books to a safe-house. My income was down to $250 a month and would dip further with the banning of books in June. We were drinking cheap beer while the BPD chopper swirled overhead in search of a shooter...
Let's see what this fat drunk had to say... Thanks for the time stamp so I don't have to listen to all of it.
Who is this asshole?
He's drinking Carlsberg beer?
I do not like him at all.
However, if I could more clearly state what seems to have been his point:
Management in a managerial system is hell.
To serve a system as its representative, when that system is a lie, built upon lies, beholding to lies and ever spawning new lies, this requires us to lie. And when we lie a part of us is diminished. Lying, in particular about who we are, is a damaging to our soul.
I knew that when I decided to travel and write as fictional character Randy Sterling Bracken at about the time this video was taken, as I was leaving Sensie Steve's house, sitting in the room where I shattered my nose during the five-hour seizure that came of me staying up three days in a row writing one two many times, but I denied it. A year later, out west, when I tried to introduce myself as Randy, I could not—just did not have the acting ability to do it. I had used up the actor in me working as a store manager. Even when writing as Randy, I found myself incapable of shaking hands with a man, woman or beast and declaring that I was something other than who I was. I always answered that I was James. I could sense then, as I failed to identify as a phony person, that I had lost this ability a decade earlier identifying as “The General Manager” named Jimmy when I was a writer named James in my heart.
I suspect that this will ever be the soul-eating fate of the system functionary except at the lowest level, where he can hide beneath the low expectations of the master class and their overseers. Having a means of sustaining yourself economically as a lone contractor working from home online or working outside as a landscaper or builder, this is my recommendation for young men looking to make money without being examined too closely for concealment under the all-inquiring idiot eye of the compliance matrix.
Although I give my first name, rare is it that my last name is asked, and when it is I say,
“It doesn't matter,” which is not a lie because my last name is a joke to me. When I am pinned down and give my last name a bridge is burned and the person does not speak to me again. This is why young men should never publish opinions, even if a popular opinion, as the winds of acceptance are ever changing in the negation matrix. Expound no opinion until you are ready to die. Likewise, when asked what I do for a living I say that I “coach,” or am a “ditcher” which is not a lie because this is how I sometimes make my way, or I say that I am retired, which is also accurate. The best way to put off inquiry for me has been to admit that I am homeless and people cannot wait to drift away.
So I suggest finding a way to work from home and/or outside and to avoid discussing your beliefs and opinions first. Keep that all-prying eye out of your mind by asking the inquiring meat puppet more sympathetic questions about it—because it likes to believe it has a soul and asking it things will re-enforce that comforting delusion. This will also give you a vantage for assessing what fraction of your own thoughts this meat-stick might be able to consider without calling the thought police down on you.
J J, I hope this was of some use.
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