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Starport Boogie
Lords of Modernity Joust as Serfs and Peasants Bleat for the Boot Upon Their Neck
"Massive brawl" is about 7-8 people. 
Granted, as a former regular flyer, I've never seen so much as a slap thrown in an airport, so this is unusual for me.
Unmentioned is the combatants are all of godly hue, none of whom appear to have significant combat skills, but score high on aggression. 
And ghost people who haven't gotten the world yet, continue to involve themselves in the sacred rituals of their betters.
Don Quotays 

In a just world the sissy saying, “Guys, guys, stop,” would be raped and scalped. But alas we live on Faggotron.

This 2 years ago, but I'd never heard of it.
Don Quotays

And more use of force news from Mister Grey:
How dare he?
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ShepMay 3, 2021

For people who fight constantly, THEY are usually pretty piss-poor at it.
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