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Dollar Joe Interlude
This ends the free posting of Dollar Joe, a doomed hero.
Will he gain infamy as Dollar Joe because:
Although this story will seem off the rails and unlikely to Cuckmericans, the author, who is not yet completely insane, swears that everything except the fatalities actually happened in March 2021 or earlier as depicted in the first seven chapters, to include the washed up boxer watching Dollar Joe’s real life Little Bighorn while attempting to hook up with Mercedes.
The remaining chapters also feature real life political activists, based on real store clerks and construction workers and pedestrians and customers and actual political street thugs met by the author in 2020 and 2021.
The author also insists that everything depicted in the remaining chapters will come to pass somewhere in Cuckmerica by 2030, especially wytch hunts for antivaxers and science-deniers across the unforgiving face of Maskland.
The only thing admittedly unrealistic about this novel is the hero, that an American who is an effective combatant would actually fight for what was right. But who knows, maybe Dollar Joe is out there now swallowing insult, after attack, after indignity with no end to mob persecution but a hero's bier?
The remaining chapters are:
-Chapter 8: The Sidewalk
-Chapter 9: The Park
-Chapter 10: Mothers for Masks
-Chapter 11: Aunteefa
-Chapter 12: Lowd Boyz
-Chapter 13: Dollar Joe
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