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History of Poleese
David Wheeler Cues the Crackpot on PIGs
© 2021 James LaFond
May 6, 2021, 3:05 PM (2 days ago)
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Comment by David Wheeler
Hey James - enjoy everything you write and say and have made purchases to prove it - do you have a book or epub on the history of policing? I've heard you speak before on the subject on "The Myth" - whenever Hans would ever shut the fuck up and let go on—as an aside - when you're on again - Adam should be the only one giving questions - I could give two flying fucks about what the other's limited-life-experience opinions are Cheers Dave

Mister Wheeler, thank you so much for your interest in my work.
Unfortunately, I have never had any interest in police work. I just don't care about pigs.
When I have worked with or made friends with or had the very common negative interaction with the boot heel of the negation state, I have placed those accounts into context in my Harm City work.
Off hand, I think the Harm City books that bear the most on police predation and their alliance with Bantu paramilitaries against white trash in service to white elites are:
-Narco Night Train
-Alienation Nation
-When You're Food
-War Drums
-40,000 Years from Home [has 28 of my pig experiences in it]
-The Overton Railroad Drafts [about 20 of them] that I published between December 2020 and January 2021.
Depictions of cops based on real cops, in fiction, can be found in:
-Poet, a Baltimore novel, with a cop based on a BPD cop
-Hurt Stoker (with Marshal Talbot based on a black Baltimore County cop]
-The Last Good Cop, soon to be in print, with the main character Juan Stabone based on a cop friend of mine from Tacoma Washington
Police characters in science fiction feature in:
-Ghost Snatcher
-Beyond Rainbow Bridge
This is the only place my interest lies in police, in predicting their future use in our demise by the system.
I heartily dislike American history work, and very much resent being sidelined from some 20 novels writing Plantation America books—I literally hate the subject, the process and the resulting documents and resent the massive workload. However, I find myself unable to look away from a mass chronological grave that every academic says was not covered by the Tomb of Tobias. So direct work can be found there.
American police evolution chapters are spread through all 12 books of the Plantation America series, with Advent America and search for an American Spartacus not yet in print. I have a hard time remembering what subjects are even in these books—it is such a vast amount of unprocessed data of crimes that we believe did not happen, that I'm just plowing through it.
I would look to So His Master May Have Him Again ad the companion volume on recovering runaway plantation era bitches So Her Master May Have Her Again as well as Orphan Nation, an advance report from the still in progress and already massive The Thirteenth Tribe.
Cracker-Boy and the rest have some data on this. What a shithole lie of a nation. I just wanted to write time travel adventures and ended getting sucked down this sinkhole of lies trying to sort the finely wrought academic turds from the media diarrhea, swirling amidst the torrent of boomer bullshit and urban urine... Why did I have to find Michael Hoffman's used condom down there!?! If I step on Jim Goad's used syringe I'm really going to be pissed.
My only attempt to put together a comprehensive look at policing was a brief overview done in three parts on Hobo History. Although you couldn't get me to write a book or even a report on PIGs, if you are a nice young Jamaican man, whose children do a happy dance while they sing, "Mister James is here—air conditioning time, Daddy!" and then you give me a glass of rum and ask me to talk about the history of policing, well then maybe I'll talk about PIGs...
Take care, sir.
If you buy one of these books above, email me and tell me which one you bought and I'll send you one of the others on PDF that I think will compliment it.
While We Were Away
crackpot podcasts
Audio Knave
the sunset saga complete
song of the secret gardener
fiction anthology one
under the god of things
dark, distant futures
crag mouth
RuPaul Simon LeGree     May 8, 2021

Great query and a great reply. I have the above mentioned books and read them all often and repeatedly. I find it raises my situational awareness in all factors of my life and I can't thank you enough for that but I'll try.

roo_ster     May 9, 2021

Plantation America books are an infuriating and necessary read to understand what is happening today.
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