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‘The Necessary Fifth Gospel’
Part One of Concluding Impressions of Alfred Rosenberg's Myth of the Twentieth Century
© 2021 James LaFond
Reading from pages 406-30 of Myth of the 20th Century, the 1982 Black Kite Edition
Despite spending some 300 pages describing how Hither Asiatic savior mythology has turned the Aryаn races into a bunch of pot-bellied, money-grubbing, fashion-conscious traitors, Rosenberg now begins bitching out for calls of a savior. It would have been good if some prominent person to have read this book in 2016. But the cattle would have misread it and stampeded into Charlottesville and Washington anyhow, because cattle are ever cattle.
There is a genius for prediction at work here. For Rosenberg calls for the creation of a new State Religion, which will show limited toleration for lesser, traditional religions. This is exactly what we have in America in 2021, where the State Religion is based on a very Catholic type of guilt applied solely to Aryаn folk, supported by a dozen major international religions which are key actors in spreading disease panic and replacing the indigenous guilt population with immigrant martyr race replacements. Rosenberg’s idea of a state religion to protect the traditions and bodies and souls of the indigenous people under the state’s rule, is currently being used in his homeland and the homeland of his executioners to do exactly the opposite. He did correctly judge which way scale was going to go on the religious front by championing the very idea that would be used to erase his race.
He does extol the Gospel of Mark as an Aryаn strand of faith extolling the “Child of God” as opposed to the traditional Abrahamic “Slave of God” and holds out a Christian hope for the salvation of all races as distinct and extant fields of cultural growth and preservation. This idea would certainly horrify Saul of Tarsus. In any event Saul, shape-shifter of the ages, placed his finger in the wind, and though he, like Rosenberg after him, would pay with his life for supposing something to be superior to state power, Saul as Paul would point the way to ultimate cultural and racial negation, and emasculation in accord with one global will.
I wonder, if, on his way to death, Rosenberg finally realized that he had so much in common with the Christian hunter who became Paul. Perhaps Rosenberg will have a revival, and ages from now people will read his work as a kind of Fifth Gospel?
Rosenberg crows of Paul, “He desired to march at the head of the rebels. Such was the Pauline falsification of the great figure of Christ.”
“But to resist not evil and to turn the other cheek when the right one is struck are feminist additions which are not to be found in Mark.”
He makes the case that Jesus had a Dannite mother [the Aryаn tribe of Samson] and a Latin father, according at least to the Syrian Christian preacher Ephraem of the 300s A.D. This is not something I am qualified to research. Though I have found other mentions of the Aramaic strand in the Gospels in Michael Grant’s Jesus, An Historian’s Review of the Gospels. However, Grant claims that in none of the three language in which the four gospels were written, and they were all written after Paul’s letters, did Jesus ever address his message to any people other than the Hebrews.
Just like the reactionary American of 2021 does not want to give up the great power once vested in the now demonized term “White” old Rosenberg did not wish to break ranks with the millions of Christian Germans he wrote for and so he clung tenaciously to something that was crafted to negate his very identity.
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