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‘It Was No Game’
White Indian Objection to Warfare Dedicated to Burying More Plantation America Reality under American Fantasy
© 2021 James LaFond
"SJWs meet Wargaming, designer's son tears up the whiners which apparently include descendants of eastern woodland Indians who are not Casino owners...enjoy your time with [name of babe redacted]!"
-Mister Grey

Thanks for this link to news of the game we will be playing soon. The good-guys-and-bad-guys view of life has been utterly stolen from the cuckservative Muricans and colonized by the social justice wimp brigade.
Mister Grey has been learning how to play war games, not video games, but table top historical simulations. Last year he and I refought the Custer campaign with me as the Indians and I killed or maimed every U.S. service man in the theater, inflicting about 100,000% of actual historic losses, but also suffered 400% actual historic losses. I was pushing the game design, learning something in the process, that both combatants had been conservative actionists and not prone to risk taking, with the exception of Custer, who got himself and a third of his command killed historically.
Such games, when well-designed, tend to be neutral paradigms of military possibility that offer the chance to see history from the past, from the inside. One of the numerous white Indians, with totally Anglo names, complains that no one would make a game about something as terrible as WWII, when over 75% of all such games are about WWII. That’s right, someone has to play the bad guys like they mean it to make it work.
The game was advertised as depicting a savage war and it did, with savagery present on all of the many sides of the conflict, a conflict with at least seven political players. It seems that the very idea that King Phillip and his men fought heroically in a hopeless bid to avoid extermination at the a hands of the alien invaders that had grown from a couple hundred religious refugees that originally sought succor with his father in 1621, to a horde of 150,000 that murdered his brother and tried to disarm him in 1675, seems to bother the postmodern white Indians of academia.
This is troubling. In my estimation, the only good, unique aspects of American culture—and Julius Evola, the Italian snob agreed—come from the Amerindians, not the money-grubbing English and Dutch, enslaved Irish, servile German or mercenary Scots. King Phillip and his men were among the warriors who took European technology, and showed Europeans how to use in closed terrain, who eventually taught the men trained by Major Rogers in the 1750s, who put into play the warfighting methods of the Paleolithic warrior in the modern arena of war now employed around the world to keep those New England sissies of academia puttering back and forth to work in their cars and are currently going to war in the Muslim World to enforce the very transgenderism at the core of Western Academia.
Even King Phillip is not safe from the charges of not being a managerial trannycrat some 350 years after the war that convinced Nathanial Hawthorne, James Fenimore Cooper and Herman Melville that Amerindians were better people than Americans. It seems that is no longer the case, as they become pathetically whiter and less human all of the time.
The most idiotic thing mentioned by the white Indian Academics was that war is no game, when it has been for long sorrowful ages the very sport of kings and now the game of Deep State Monopoly.
Mister Grey, take heed, as Metacomet once did, I intend to burn Boston!
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NC     Jun 10, 2021

Here is fantastic 2 player historic game. Japanese civil war, but a great game.

Don Quotays     Jun 10, 2021

The web page is already gone.
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