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Taking the Velvet Glove
Off of the Brute Fist of Power
Numerous folks since the dethroning of Orange Usurper have related to me their observations that lying by the media and other government operatives has been so blatant across 2020 and into 2021 that they can’t believe that these evil actors are so arrogant, that surely the coup de brat will fail.
Trigger, please!
We do have an example of a nation that lied blatantly, a nation whose every member knew it was a dirty lie and preyed upon the people it insincerely claimed to care about. That was the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was built upon a very fragile economic structure and yet persisted, as the second most powerful nation on earth from 1917 until it finally fell about 80 years later, between 1989 and 91. The component parts of the Soviet Union now seem to have more freedom than America, with some of our bad thought refugees hiding there.
This is key. You see, the American Secret Banking State, founded in 1914, was built on a much stronger economic base than Czarist Russia. Furthermore, where the Soviets had crude, cartoonish propaganda that came right out of a news reel, America has been ruled by advertising and by news and entertainment which claim to be neutral and non-political, yet are hyper-political at the psychological root.
So, though the Soviet Union failed as a blatant fist of state power, it had no support outside of the apparatus of oppression, never benefitted from the velvet glove worn by the Good Ole U.S. of A., and had slim support even amongst its managerial class. I know a man who grew up in the Soviet Union and when the KGB officers came to take his father away for being a Christian, they left instead with three bottles of vodka made by his grandfather. Could you imagine three of the Federal Biscuits of Insinuation leaving with three bottles of whiskey instead of a Twatter Criminal?
It is unlikely that any members of the Soviet State believed in anything other than preying on people and grifting the system. However, most federal law officers in the U.S. believe that they are John Wayne poised to save the world from our dumbasses.
Furthermore, based on the actual vote before the election in October was suspended and injected with the will of the Creep State, 45% of the voting public clearly believe in maximum tyranny by the government, to include lockdowns over a chest cold. On top of that, millions of non-voters believe in maximum tyranny of pro-American voters. This means, that not only do most Creep State actors believe in the cause of maximum tyranny, but that slightly more than half of the U.S. population, probably 60%, would like to see the other 40% put to death for badthink crimes against the rich and powerful.
There was once a TV series called, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” which my wife and aunt virtually worshipped like a TV zoom church session. The Hollywood media cult has trained generations of us to worship the rich and powerful and hate the working man and the contrarian.
It is no miscalculation that the Creep State has shown its marionette strings so clearly suspending above its chosen politicians and that it has and will blatantly take off the velvet glove that has for a hundred years softened the look of the iron fist of power that is the most disingenuous nation in human history. Until about 2012, most Americans believed, now only about half believe, so it is a perfect time to take off that glove and led the cheerleading worshippers of power cheer at its brazenness under the midnight sun and let the unbelievers know that their apostasy will not be tolerated by the Golem whose parts were created by genius hands on Jekyl Island, Manhattan and in far Hollywood some 100 years ago, and finally assembled on the Left bank of the Wild-goose-river between 1948 and 1963.
That thing is not yet dead. On the contrary it has recently grown so strong that the grandsons of its creators fear it chains will not hold.
The monster knows that the mob cannot get enough of seeing it tear would be heroes apart in the arena of the lie.
Recall the movie Blade Runner, where the hero hunts androids pretending to be human and refusing to expire?
Well, the actuality is that the Creep State is a million blade runners hunting humans who resist becoming moral androids and refuse to let their conscience expire.
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Gary MorganJul 14, 2021

America took God out of its constitution, its leaders serve Satan, and its citizens are lukewarm (at best) if they have faith. God is in the process of spewing America out.

Famine approaches, hyperinflation, earthquakes, plagues.

Will America repent?

Do you remember the Sabbath day, God's holy festivals?

Does anyone?
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