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In All of Boxing History
Big c Wants to Know about Crackpot Dream Match-Ups
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May 31, 2021, 4:06 PM (17 hours ago)
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Comment by BigC
Hey James, I was wondering. If you could snap your fingers and set up a boxing match between any two fighters in all of boxing history, what fights would your want to see?

Okay, Big C, I'll try to size them up according to the original weights, Heavy, Middle and Light
Bare-knuckle: Jack "The Butcher" Slack versus Randall 'Tex' Cobb
Definitely the nastiest fight
Gloved: Jack Dempsey versus Canelo Alvarez [he would have fought as a light-heavy and heavy back then, due to weigh-in times and financial concerns]
Somebody is getting KO'd
These would be the two longest and most brutal fights
Bare-Knuckle: Bill Richmond versus Roberto Duran
Gloved: Marvin Hager versus Harry Greb
Greb probably gets DQd
Bare-Knuckle: Artimadoras of Tralles versus [A.D. 80, beat boys, youth and men in the pankration] versus Uriah Faber [the most heroic lighter weight fighter in modern MMA, who kept fighting with two broken hands]
Gloved: Jimmy "The Ghost with a Hammer in his Hand" Wilde versus Julio Caesar Chavez
Best heavyweight match up with fighters from my life time would be
Vitali Klitschko versus Tyson Fury
Best action fight with fighters from my life time would be
Joe Frazier versus Mike Tyson
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