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An Unforgiven Book
Blue-Eyed Daughter of Zeus Available as an Exclusive e-book
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I wrote this 64-page report back in January for my appearance on the Myth of the 20th Century concerning the book that inspired the name of their ground-breaking podcast.
I am quite pleased with the presentation our Webmaster did on this one.
Blue-Eyed Daughter of Zeus is part of the Sons of Aryas project, which will probably not be completed, though the first volume is with the editor and publisher and the second volume, Beasts of Aryas is 95% complete, and only awaits a new pair of glasses before this blear-eyed bastard of Zeus will be able to arrange the text.
Tagged above are various strands of this project:
Thank you all for your patient support.
James, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 6/8/21
Massa Damnata
‘It Was No Game’

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